Hey there, everyone – I’m incredibly pleased to announce that Zelda Universe’s Spirit Tracks walkthrough is now one hundred percent complete. I’ve updated the Dark Realm section with the entire final boss section, ranging from facing the Demon Train all the way up Malladus’s dramatic demise.

For those of you who finished the game already without a walkthrough, congratulations! For those of you who still need the walkthrough, either right now or at any time in the future, our walkthrough is now complete and stands as one of the most detailed guides out there today. Overtime, we will be adding screenshots to the guide as we’ve already done for the first section. Expect those to come not too much later! In addition, the walkthrough will be going up on GameFAQs as a nicely formatted text file. I’ll post another update when that’s available.

The Bosses and Mini Bosses page has also been updated with the remaining bosses: The Demon Train, Cole and Malladus, and the final battle against Malladus.

Thank you to everyone who has been using our Spirit Tracks walkthrough so far to help them complete the game. I don’t write guides for nobody, so I hope many of you have found this guide to be the most detailed, easy to follow guide there is – my personal philosophy is to write guides so that a five-year-old could complete the game. If you have any feedback at all regarding this walkthrough, please leave a comment on this post so that I can improve any future walkthroughs I write for Zelda Universe. And thanks for using it, if you did!

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