Happy Valentine’s Day (I hope, anyway), and welcome to another installment of the ZU Mailbag! You guys seriously overwhelmed me this week with the amount and quality of questions. It was really hard to choose only five! I also have a special treat for you this week. Some questions actually have other staff members’ opinions on your questions, rather than just my own.

Also, I have something for you all to do. There is a question in this week’s mailbag asking for my personal my Top 5 Zelda games. Well, I want to hear your opinions on the matter, so leave a comment and let us know what your list is!

As always, your questions are what keep this thing running, so please send them in for all of us at ZU to answer! Any Zelda, Nintendo, or gaming questions or comments are always welcome.

Until next time, everyone! Enjoy your week.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Zelda Wii Girl}{}{}{

Jacob writes:

In the picture released by Nintendo for the new “Zelda Wii”, how does the little blue girl fit into it?

James responds:

We are not certain what that blue girl means to the game. We have seen many rumors around the net stating that the game is going to center more around the Master Sword, and she is the Master Sword in human form. We have heard that she is the next Navi/Tatl/Midna, and will help you throughout the game. We are not sure. Once Nintendo comes out at E3 (or sooner, we hope!) what she means to the game, we will let you know.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Four Sword DS and Multiplayer}{}{}{

darkbooo963 writes:

What do you think if nintendo released four swords on the DS I say it would be nice not needing 3 other friends and cables.

Stevie F writes:

Do you think a multiplayer aspect would ever be successful in a Legend of Zelda game? I don’t mean like Four Swords where it was cooperative play. I mean like where you could fight each other in a competition. I think that if done properly, this could be a lot of fun.

James responds:

If not Four Swords, then another four player multiplayer game. I think we are all getting sick of the multiplayer seen in both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I would love to see some sort of multiplayer Zelda game on the DS in the near future, whether it be another installment of the Four Sword series or another series altogether.

And to expand on Stevie F’s question, I thought Four Sword Adventures had that factor. You had the choice of playing a co-op play and then you could play a battle mode and fight each other in a battle arena. But yes, I think a multiplayer Zelda where you could use Link, Zelda, Ganon, and some other characters to play in a battle arena would be wonderful to play, but I don’t how Nintendo is going to create that and please everyone.

{{bubble}{Question 3: Majora’s Mask Remake}{}{}{

Gaming_Angel writes:

What would be your personal opinion about a majora’s mask remake on the wii, but with windwaker cell-shaded graphics?

James responds:

I think Majora’s Mask, if remade, should be under more realistic graphics. I think the tone of the game suits that style better. I think the games that have the cel-shading attached to them suit those game well: more carefree and humorous games with the save the world in there as well. I think that Twilight Princess was a dark type game as well, and those graphics suited that style well.

{{bubble}{Question 4: Zelda Wii Items}{}{}{

Dayv writes:

what kind of items are you expecting in the new zelda?

James responds:

I know that we will more than likely see: Bombs, a hookshot of some sort, Bow and Arrow, boomerang, and bottles. After that, I don’t know. What you have to ask yourself is what kind of puzzles do you want to see and what kind of item would be needed to finish them? You can also check out this thread: What kind of Weapons in our Future Zelda forum.

Xeno adds:

I expect all standard Zelda weapons to make a reappearance in some shape or form (bow and arrow, boomerang, hookshot, etc.). The bow and arrow immediately comes to mind — but who says it has to be just the bow and arrow? My guess is that Nintendo will incorporate tweaks, or upgrades, to favorites like the bow and arrow in order to make the 1:1 gameplay more interesting for what would be otherwise traditional Zelda items. Crossbow, anyone (Link’s Crossbow Training)?

As for new weapons: Considering that 1:1 WiiMotion Plus has been confirmed for the upcoming Zelda title, it’s likely we’ll see more first-person prospective weapons. Personally, I have a hunch that we might see a whip-like weapon in the game — it’s perfect for the 1:1 WiiMotion Plus. Truth be told, the sky is the limit, really. If the Zelda team can come up with something like the Spinner (Twilight Princess) and use it as a weapon, who knows what they might come up with next.

{{bubble}{Question 5: Sheik’s Gender and the Skeikah’s}{}{}{

Kyle writes:

1) People in several message boards have been arguing about Sheik’s gender. Some people say Sheik is a guy, and some say Sheik is obviously a female since she is Zelda. From what I think I know, Zelda disguised herself as a male character, named Sheik. What’s your opinion in all of this?

2) Do you think they will expand on the sheikah? It seems they are the only group left fairly untouched in the zelda series. I understand that they are a very secretive group, but it seems that more can be said about them. Maybe giving them a more important role in Link’s adventures.

James responds:

1) Sheik is a female, no matter how you want to discuss it. You can dress up as a man all you want, but unless Zelda is very magical that she can hide her insides, then I applaude her. I think Zelda used her magic enough to hide her piece of the Triforce from Ganondorf and herself for seven years, but that’s it. She is a girl, no matter what.

2) I’m pretty sure that Ocarina of Time mentioned that they were a dying race and that Impa was one of the last to survive. I could have read that wrong, but I am pretty sure. Therefore, in order to really see them, we would have to go way back in the timeline, before even Ocarina of Time to see them.

Cody adds:

1) Disguising yourself as a man is entirely possible even for a normal person in real life, so I don’t see why a magic body swap would be necessary.

Plus, if Zelda had the ability to magically put herself in new bodies, it would have been easy enough for her to just become a Moblin or a dragon or something and never be bothered again.

2) It’s untrue that they are the only untouched group. Just about every Zelda game has a token new race that never really gets expanded on. The Subrosians, Minish, Sheikah, Rito, Kokiri, Lokomo etc.

It’s unlikely we’ll hear about them again because they seem to be OoT-specific.

{{bubble}{Question 6: Top 5 Games}{}{}{

wally00222 writes:

What is your top 5 Zelda games?

James responds:

In no particular order: Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past, and Majora’s Mask. LA for being the first game I really say down and played; Ocarina of Time because it is Ocarina of Time; Twilight Princess because it just an epic game and the story and gameplay work very well (even if others don’t agree); ALttP because it’s ALttP; and Majora’s Mask just because it’s a very unique game and it should have a lot more recognition than it does.

And as a treat, here are what some of the other staff said:

Nolan adds:

I play games almost solely for the storylines, so that is what mostly influences my choices.

01. Ocarina of Time – Because it was the game that convinced me I wanted an N64, thus getting me my first console that was actually solely mine and not anyone elses. Also a good storyline
02. Majora’s Mask – Amazing storyline and great concept with all the masks-as-items things.
03. A Link to the Past – Great storytelling for a 2D adventure game of its time.
04. The Wind Waker – A visual style that really worked, as well as some good story moments.
05. Twilight Princess – Starts out great, but lags towards the end. Still quite a good game.

Cody adds:

1) Majora’s Mask
2) Wind Waker
3) Link’s Awakening
4) Ocarina of Time
5) Twilight Princess

Xeno adds:

1) Majora’s Mask
2) Ocarina of Time
3) Wind Waker
4) Link’s Awakening
5) Twilight Princess

Sadida adds:

This is just my personal preference, being a fan from the day the original Zelda was released:

1 – The Adventure of Link (I will, and will continue, forever, to love this game.. no matter what!)
2 – The Legend of Zelda
3 – Link’s Awakening
4 – Ocarina of Time
5 – A Link to the Past

This was an INCREDIBLY tough list to come up with, but this is my top 5. ^^

{{bubble}{Question 7: Link’s Death}{}{}{

The Doorway to Destiny writes:

Do you think that Link should ever end one of his epic stories by dying once he saved the world? Even though I am all for Link surviving, what do you think it would be like if he had died at the end? Do you think it would make it any more of a wonderful tale? Any more EPIC? I would like to hear you thoughts on this. Thank you.

James responds:

I know what it would do and that is cause an uproar! It would have to be under a very unique circumstance, but if Nintendo pulled it off just right, I think it could work. All the new games are usually new Link’s anyway, so killing off one in the game would accomplish something that will eventually happen anyway.

Nolan adds:

I wouldn’t mind seeing a game that ended with a heroic sacrificeâ„¢ of sorts. If done properly I can definitely think it could be effective. It’d be somewhat unconventional, though it wouldn’t be the first time a Zelda game ended with a main character other than the villain dying in some sort of sacrificial fashion.

{{bubble}{Question 8: Remakes}{}{}{

Steven Santerre writes:

We’ve seen it before, a Zelda game remake, so we know it isn’t impossible. If any Zelda game would be remade right now, what game do you think it would be and why? Maybe a LoZ or ALttP in 3D, or maybe a Wind Waker or Majora’s Mask “Master Quest”. Which do you think would be coolest?

James responds:

A Majora’s Mask “Master Quest”? What the game wasn’t hard enough for you to begin with?

I think seeing ALttP in 3D would be the Zelda fans dream, but I don’t see it happening. Wind Waker doesn’t really need a remake, but a Master Quest might work out well for that game over MM. LoZ remake in 3D would just blow my mind, as I think it deserves to stay right on the system it was released on, just to keep the nostaglia.

{{bubble}{Question 9: War and Peace: Part 2}{}{}{

Adam writes:

Thanks for answering my question last week about the war scene, but I dont think i specified exactally what i mean, my bad. When nintendo first sent out a trailer during E3 for twilight princess (before the delays) there was a scene that showed link riding on his horse into a “mass” of enemies. Still maintaining a one on one gameplay mode, would that ever be possible. Like, You are link, and you have twetny soldiers that are with you, and all of you have to take out 100 enemies. It would result in you doing most of the fighting, yes, but they could spice up battles too. like enemy waves. First wave, foot soldiers, next wave, enemies on animals come, and you have to get on a horse and charge at them. This, imo, would be so fun. and would alos be a way for nintendo to give link another weapon instead of a sword. how about spear combat? I hope i made myself more clear in this mailbag haha. Thanks!

James responds:

It is not your fault, I usually get a lot of questions where I misinterpret the meaning. You are also not the first to email me right back and tell me about it either. You more than likely won’t be the last either.

I don’t remember seeing that trailer (I may have and just forgot) but I think that might work. Controlling just Link and having backup would be a wonderful thing. Maybe add in this aspect: you get a better score or item if you have so many of your troops survive a battle. Extra incentives would make that seem like it should be warranted. I think having Link on a horse with a sword suits him just well, and I don’t think giving him a spear would be as exciting, imo.

{{bubble}{Question 10: Spirit Tracks}{}{}{

Leon writes:

What do you think about the layout of Spirit Tracks overall (storyline, train, dungeons, bosses etc.)?

James responds:

I still have yet to beat the game, mainly because I have been trying to 100% NSMBW! But, I have beat four temples and can tell you this from what I’ve seen: The puzzles are brillant, which is something I loved about Phantom Hourglass and they kept it similar in ST. The train felt to me like the boat in PH, another long and tedious time waster that couldn’t have easily been replaced with walking an overworld. I think if they gave us a choice of walking and being able to summon the train, the overworld would have been a lot better. The bosses are so far have been hit or miss. Fraaz, the Snow Temple boss is a clone of the Blaaz from Phantom Hourglass, with a little bit of twist. I actually died in the Ocean Temple trying to beat the Mini-Boss and Boss, but that was the only issue boss wise I have had. I love the Fire Temple’s boss, using the mine carts to ride around the room and ascend while trying to hit spots on his body. The story is alright, but it does seem to mirror that of Phantom Hourglass a little too much. An evil demon trapped by the people of older Hyrule and now is being freed slowly, so you must stop him at all costs! I am hoping that Zelda Wii has a newer, fresher story.

{{bubble}{Question 11: Link’s Handedness}{}{}{

Nick writes:

Dose anyone know off hand if Link will be switchable between left and right handed in the new Zelda Wii or will he be only right handed like the Wii version of TP. (never actually played TP for the wii so if it is ambidextrous my bad ^_^’ I’m going by what i heard )

James responds:

I am not sure. The current rumor is that you will be able to, but that is just a rumor. I believe that back when Twilight Princess and the last delay.

You see, the game you play on Gamecube was the one you were meant to see: Link is left-handed and the map you see on that game is the right one. When the game was delayed to convert to Wii and make Link right-handed, instead of fixing the character, they mirrored the entire game to make Link right handed. Now that they have had more time, they might make it an option for all those lefties who want to see Link lefty.

I even believe that Miyamoto is left-handed (the reason Link is) and he found that playing the game with the Wiimote in your right hand and the nunchuck in the left was a lot more comfortable, which I believe the vast majority of people agreed.

{{bubble}{Question 12: Zelda Humor}{}{}{

Cutsceneaddict writes:

I love video game humor. In fact, online gaming web comics are among some of my favorite sites. Do you know any good gaming comic sites that include Zelda humor (besides Brawl in the Family, Awkward Zombie, Exploding Deku Nut, and 2P Start)?

James responds:

I think that Zelda humor is very few and far between in most of the mainstream comics on the net. The ones I remember seeing some Zelda humor was VGCats, maybe Ctrl+Alt+Del, maybe (this is a BIG maybe) PvP. Sadida on the forums mentioned the Zelda Comic that ZU had hosted a while back, but it hasn’t been updated since last June. She also mentioned that we host a slew of original Comics that we host right here at ZU. Other than that, we really can’t think of any other places to find Zelda humor.

{{bubble}{Question 13: Zelda in the New Decade}{}{}{

Aaron writes:

Its a new decade as we all know, and it seems the zelda series has had a good run through the years. What i wanted to ask is what do you think we can expect from upcoming titles. Spirit tracks was great, yet it seemed like it could be continued. Also the new Zelda Wii is coming out this year hopfully, and I can’t help but wonder, will it prove to be as good as great a hit as Ocarina of time or Twilight Princess, or will it be an independant title giving us that same nostalgic feel, but also adding some new aspects and enviorment that just sets the mood for the game itself. I thought it was really cool when Twilight Princess had those special themes for each moment and important characters. What I love about the games are the stories they tell. So please include this in the next mailbag or two.

James responds:

The Link and Hyrule from Spirit Tracks could be expanded a little bit, I think, just because they introduced a new Hyrule and really didn’t allow us to explore.

As for the upcoming titles, I really hope what Nintendo is planning works out for the series. If you don’t know (and if you don’t, you really need to check your Zelda fan status), Nintendo is planning on COMPLETELY reworking the formula of a Zelda game. That is all they have told us and we are left to guess what that really means. Does that mean a new fighting system? Are we moving away from the OoT formula of item control and fighting? Are we not going to see the item we find in each temple key to the boss we have to fight? We don’t know! E3 can’t get here soon enough for us to finally find out what we are going to see in the new game.

Things I would hope for in the new game include the item piece I wrote above as well as this: An open Hyrule Field with small towns along the way for Link to stop in, similar to AoL, but with a little bit more to explore. The thing that I feel could have made TP so much better was the open field was so blank and lifeless. If you find that warping around the land is so much better than actually taking the time to walk from one end of the field to the other, than there is something wrong. Except for that, drawing on what TP did so well might make the next game that much better.