Zelda Universe‚Äôs Spirit Tracks walkthrough has been updated once again to include the beginnings of the end of the game. That’s right, folks, it now covers the first half of the Dark Realm – bombarding the Armored Trains for survival.

Although there’s no clear way to get through this section of the game, the guide offers several useful tips and strategies, as well as information about the changes in the train’s control system caused by the Tears of Light.

Tomorrow we’ll have the final update to the walkthrough, and then we can call it finished! We hope it didn’t finish too late for a bunch of you and we hope those of you who have been using Zelda Universe’s ever-growing Spirit Tracks walkthrough have found it exceedingly helpful and detailed in a world full of video and picture-dominated walkthroughs. If you have any feedback about the Spirit Tracks walkthrough, feel free to leave it here in the comments!

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