Here it is, another wonderful edition of the Zelda mailbag. I just have one piece of info, and you can be sent off to your questions.

I mentioned this at the beginning of the video (when I said “For the third time”) and here is the explanation: This was my third attempt at recording this week because my camera decided to drain my batteries quickly and be stupid and die twice while I was recording.

Anyway, if you have a question that you would like answered for next week’s mailbag, feel free to send it in by visiting our wonderful “Send in to the Mailbag” page located at the link provided. Enjoy, and see you next week.

{{bubble}{Question 1: War and Peace}{}{}{

Adam writes:

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys think that nintendo will ever make a zelda game that includes a war scene or maybe multiple battles. I think that would be awesome, wheather they’ll do it or not I don’t know. Would something like that even be achievable with a Wii motion plus attatchment? Thanks

James writes:

I think that would be awesome to include in a Zelda game, but it does seem like more of a RTS thing than a Zelda thing. When I think war scenes, I think scenes that involve me looking after a lot of characters at the same time (like Starcraft). I think Zelda has had games in the past where you had to go through multiple battles at the same time, but it was only Link running a gauntlet of some sort. Like the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess. Granted, that is not what you’re thinking of, but I just don’t think Zelda is designed to be like that. Of course, they are changing the scheme a little (or at least that is what’s rumored), so we might.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Midna’s Close Call}{}{}{

John writes:

In twilight princess, when Midna seems to be dying, what is really happening? What does Zelda do to Midna afterwards? Did she die? because if she did, how does she come back in the fight with Ganondorf?

James writes:

Twilight beings are just that, Twilight. They are meant to live in the Twilight Realm and not in our world of the Light. So, when Zant sends her to the Light world, she is slowly being cursed because she is not immune to our world like we are. Zelda senses that when you bring Midna to her, and she sacrifices her Light to let Midna travel on with out the rest of the game. She feels that Midna is more of a help than Zelda could be, so that’s why she sacrifices herself. She doesn’t kill herself, which allows for her to come back later in the game to fight alongside you. In a sense, she loses her physical form, and becomes a spirit similar to that of Spirit Tracks. The only difference is you don’t see her. Very confusing, I know.

{{bubble}{Question 3: Jolene and an Easy Death}{}{}{

Ibrahim writes:

I would like to know the easiest way to eliminate Jolene in Phantom Hourglass in less then 5 shots

James writes:

There is no real easy way to kill her. The game decides when she wants to lock up with you, and it usually is under five shots. You can’t kill her, she will only retreat every time.

{{bubble}{Question 4: The Trouble with Spinoffs}{}{}{

Dylan writes:

Why does Nintendo keep America from receiving nearly all of the Zelda spinoffs. All we have gotten was crossbow training.

HyruleMonk writes

I remember hearing about some Zelda spin off games like “Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland “, “Tetra Trackers”, and I was wondering why they haven’t come state-side yet? For me, they would be day-one purchases! You wouldn’t happen to know how I could get my hands on copies for their respective systems, do you?

Also, wasn’t there an “online” Zelda game in Japan? I wonder if Nintendo would consider releasing that on the VC.

James writes:

They have something against us, I guess. It seems to be a long standing feud between NoJ and NoA, where Japan seems to think we can’t handle a challenge or handle something different. Tingle’s game is not over here, because Americans (as a majority) can’t seem to stand him as a character. Tetra’s Trackers (or Navi’s Trackers in FSA) never made it over here as well, but I can’t seem to find a reason for that. Those are really the only two spinoff games I can think of that haven’t made it over here. Unless you can show me a few more that I have missed, I will be glad to research and find out why they never made it over here.

{{bubble}{Question 5: Speed, the iPod, and an Unknown Symbol}{}{}{

ChainofTermina writes:

1) so you accept any videogame quetions, even if they don’t have to do with Zelda, huh? okay here’s an idea I had; why don’t they make a game like Super Smash bros, only not fighting but racing. The could call it Super Speed Bros, or something. They have MarioKart, why not one with other games in it? Link could have Epona, Samus has her ship, Kirby has a warp star, etc. Sega kind of has a game like that, only half of those characters nobody knows about. Nintendo has a lot more famous classic characters, and I think a Smash-Bros-like Racing game would be cool. what do you think?

oh, and people complimented me on my WW shirt too. its a shame it doesn’t fit me any more.

2) okay, sorry I have an extremely irrelevant question. but this is driving me crazy and I have to ask SOMEONE. just what the hell exactly IS an ipod touch?people say they count it as a gameing console! I heard about the ipad and thought “huh, Apple has a portable tough screen computer. not really surprising.” but now everyone keeps calling it a large ipod touch. is an ipod touch REALLY just a small computer? the worlds smallest laptop? can it really do ANYTHING a computer can do? can I get to this site on an IPOD? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING? and for that matter, what is an iPhone!? I thought I new what these things were, but eversince the iPad came out, i don’t know anymore….

3) okay, I’m not trying to one up you or anything, its just a coincidence that I’m suddenly thinking of all these questions.

this one is actually site related. what’s with the poem? scroll down the bottom of the temple on the main site, there’s an upside down Triforce with the the Sheikah eye in it click on it and there’s this poem with out any sort of explanation or way to comment or even a “guess what it means” thing. it’s just there. wtf?

James writes:

1) You just had to send me a question, didn’t you? The only problem that I see off the bat is Link has a distinct disadvantage having a horse and everyone having a kart. But the idea is unique. I think you have an idea on your hands that you should definitely promote, even if you were just sending it to me, to send a question. That is definitely a game that I would play.

It’s also funny that the shirt still fits me. Granted, it is a 3XL and that is the perfect size that doesn’t shrink on me, but I would never give that shirt up for anything.

2) The iPod touch is an iPod. Have you ever seen the iPhone? Well, the iPod touch is the none-phone version of it, that is essentially an iPod with a touch screen. They are saying the iPad, which is Apple’s new tablet, is an oversized iPhone or iTouch because it seems to run the same way as both. They also say they are gaming machines because you can play some games on both, even if they are just simple ones. Go to google and type in iTouch or iPhone games and you will see some games that are on them both.

3) Sure you aren’t trying to one up me.

I have actually answered this in the past. This mailbag, the first question actually asks the same thing. I told them then and I still have the same answer now: I don’t know. There was actually a thread posted in the forums for it here, and the same conclusion was drawn there. If we ever find out, I don’t know.

{{bubble}{Question 6: Dramatics: The Zelda Story}{}{}{

Izzi writes:

do you think that in the sense of storyline the legend of zelda needs to take a more dramatic take on storyline and dramatics? althogh i am not a fan of the final fantasy series(dont really like the gameplay) the way they cultivate there story,s tend to be far more emersive and impresive than in LOZ they have high action cutscenes, and people put into dire situations such as dying or facing real world issues,cause if you havent noticed nintendo dose have a sort of soft spot for all there characters and doesnt actually kill any character.

i guess what iam trying to say is dont you think that there aproach in storyline, and the way they show there cutscenes should be more dramatic and realistic than people in trouble,save everyone,happy ending? its really a matter of opinion but i just wanna know if i am the only one who notices this^^;

James responds:

Nintendo has a way of showcasing themselves as family friendly. That is why you don’t see many M rated games on their consoles. Madworld is a very rare exception and I am kind of amazed that game exists in its Wii form.

That is why when you play a Nintendo game, it is usually very watered down and not very violent. However, I do recall watching a couple of cutscenes in Twilight Princess that were kinda edgy in terms of them being in a Zelda game. That scene where Link is running towards the Triforce with those weird eyes, that was kinda dramatic. Also, I am pretty sure you can’t get anymore dramatic than the ending of that game as well, when you see another character (Zant) take his own life to take away the threat that was Ganondorf. But I digress.