Do my ears deceive me?  Are the answers to my mailbag questions in audio form?  That’s right, my friends.  In an attempt to leap into the 21st century, the ZU mailbag has gone audio.

I was given the idea by Cody to do a video mailbag.  Since I don’t have video, I decided audio.  The more detailed explanation of why we decided to go audio is in the mailbag post.  But, it seems like a good idea and it was a lot easier to do than answering with text.  I also am able to ramble on a little more about a question that I would have to restrict in text.  So, I love doing them, I just need to know from you if you like them.

The post for the mailbag is located here.

As always, the mailbag is open to your questions. Now that we have gone audio, the ideas for questions are endless.  If you want to send an audio file as a question, I will do my best with my limited audio knowledge to incorporate them in.  That’s right, if you send me audio, I will post your question if I am able.

Enjoy everybody.

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  • MegaLinkX

    I miss the text… I Check this site from all over the place, and sometimes I have to keep the computer muted….. so no mailbag for me 🙁

  • James

    Next mailbag will have both text and audio answers.

  • Amanda Klump

    I had a ? and may be one of you can answer it for me is there a Zelda for the sony PSP!

    • James

      If you listened to the mailbag, I stated about 3 times that Zelda is a Nintendo product, therefore you won't see Zelda on anything but a Nintendo console. Unless Nintendo goes absolutely crazy and licenses the game to the other consoles, you will never see a Zelda game on another console (legally that is).l