Our Spirit Tracks Walkthrough has been updated to include everything up until the end of the first temple, including the boss.

We are going to focus on the walkthrough so that it will be fully available before Christmas Day, so expect to see everything up to the end of the second temple added in the next couple of days.

  • zeldalover


  • mcoolguy

    sweat? ….you mean sweet? …zeldas only lover is link !

  • i'm already way past that with no guide

  • sheik001

    bueno,…que se dice

  • Jeffrey

    I'm glad this is trucking along. I stupidly pre-ordered my copy from Amazon with free shipping, so I'll have to wait about another week to get the game in my hands. I probably won't need the walkthrough on the earlier elvels, but by the time I get it and get to a sticky part, maybe the guide will be up and running. On a side note, I would love a tips and strategies page when I start if there's anything I should know about some crazy enemies or rupee secrets. 🙂

  • Justin Basl

    I got the game yesturday, and I love it. So fun, and the gameplay is so fresh. The puzzles are new and ITS fun to ride the train, while blowing the whistle! It was worth waiting an extra day. The story is quite humorous, especially when they gave zelda a little bit of a sass. I only got up to the woods to visit one of the sages, but I'm already loving this game. Thanks Nintendo!

  • Justin Basl

    p.s. don't use game guides/walkthroughs. Unless you beat the game already, whats the fun of that?

  • Justin Basl

    "wheres the fun in that" (there you go. lol)