There have been a lot ofย  Spirit Tracks screenshots pouring in lately, but they just don’t compare to actual video footage. Luckily, we now have exactly that – the Japanese Spirit Tracks website has provided us with three minutes of excerpts from the game.

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  • Bonyy13

    OMG! <(' ')>

  • ogichiichigo

    Amazingness! I can't wait for this game, I know it's going to be pretty amazing.

  • Exziron

    omg the pirate from WW!!
    lol im pretty sure the Chanceller wears 2 hats because he wants to cover his 2 horns.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    ..I WANT ST NOOOw!!!!

  • John

    Well, I'm certainly very excited for this game to be released, as I would be with any other Zelda game. However, I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed. After watching this footage, I have reached a few conclusions:

    1) It's certainly a very original story
    2) The fact that Zelda has returned and that Niko is possibly in it returns the Zelda storyline to its original track that it lost with Phantom Hourglass
    3) The gameplay is identical to that of Phantom Hourglass- the music, items, dungeons, game art and themes are one in the same.

    I will buy this once it hits the stores, but I'm HOPING that it is not another Phantom Hourglass. I hope that the original concepts as well as the return to a more mainstream storyline can distract from the gameplay.

    I'm sure I will also hear a round of agreeance with this statement-


    • There will be another Temple of the Ocean King, but you get to skip the parts you've already done this time.

    • Spoon Link

      Niko is in it.

      The old guy's name IS Niko. It might not be the same Niko, but it is Niko nonetheless.

      Also, this article's title is false: it's only two minutes and fifty-nine seconds of Spirit Tracks video footage.

      • loz

        it is Niko from wind waker, hes just one-hundred years old. Because why would he have a picture of some other guy who looks like him but younger

        • loz

          And from phantom hourglass

        • TnzSki

          Actually he'd be more like 130, depending on his age in WW and PH. This seems very unlikely. Most people today don't even live to be 100, let alone 130.

          • Since when did Zelda have to obey the laws of real life?

          • TnzSki

            You're right. I was just thinking logically, but Zelda doesn't have to be logical.

    • Rojinshu

      @ John
      The music is not the same. It's way better ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Curly Q


  • randomjony

    If you go to 1:39 of the video you can see a picture in the background of Niko as a pirate. This slighty proves the theory that it is Niko. It could also be just his grandpa or dad or something but because the man is old I am pretty sure it is Niko.

    • Callin

      There's also the pirate ship model in the background.

  • Cukeman

    Zelda's pan pipes are awesome

  • Necrolord

    Look's like they fixed the music issue from PH, the game is looking great so far, also it looks like the game runs more fluidly than PH, LOL at the guy with the 2 hats!

  • Link Fan 101

    Did you see Link blush? That was hilarious! Though I am disappointed. It doesn't sound like Link. But, of course since Link is so short people shake him around like a rag doll. Poor Link. I still can't wait for the game. I am a MAJOR Toon Link fan.

    • SweetLie

      I'm pretty sure his voice is like that because it's the Japanese version.

      • The US versions of the game use the same audio clips as the Japanese versions. I think they just got a new voice actress (yes the younger Links are voiced by chicks; Toon Link is voiced by the same girl as Aryll).

        • seen

          It sounds exactly like the old Toon Link VA. I'm guessing they just recorded new grunts for the game.

        • Link Master

          The American version of Spirit Tracks is going to use the same voices as the ones in Phantom Hourglass. The voices in the video only sound different because a Japanese person is the one making the voice efects.

          • *facepalm*

            As I've said, the voice actress in the US version of PH WAS THE JAPANESE PERSON FROM THE JAPANESE VERSION.

            They don't hire American voice actors for Zelda since it's just grunts.

    • Hydra

      Link in this game is not the Hero of the Winds. He has no reason to sound like the Hero of the Winds.

  • Is that old guy…..Nico?

  • Scott

    Damn I wish it was Christmas now!

  • b-ri

    nooo its not working for me!! MUST SEE FOOTAGE

  • King KK


    • Rojinshu

      It is =D

  • Z-MAN7

    Looks great, they got Link a new voice actor for this game. The cutscenes are little more cinematic and smoother than PH's. The music sounded great and varied,I sure hope we won't have the same tune for every town and dungeon.

  • igotcola

    I really like the new voices, Link's sounds Great!

  • Link Fan 101

    Well, here's the thing. This is the Japanese version. Who knows! Link may sound like himself in the America version.I hope for the sake when he pulls the blocks. He makes squeaking sounds. And also, how old is Niko now!? 115!? I bet he misses Tetra….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Khaion

      Yeah I thought this was his japanese voice and not his american xD Niko must be like…. 130 or something at least >__> And yeah I bet he miss Tetra alot…. :3


        The US versions use the same voice actors/actresses as the Japanese versions.

  • ChainofTermina

    OH MY GOD!!!! that was the most obvious Zelink reference any Zelda game has ever had! look's like Nintendo's starting to catch on.

    Damn! I hate that "point to where you wanna go" crap that the DS keeps useing. I WANNA USE THE FRICKEN D PAD! why do they even have it if EVERYTHING uses the touch screen?

    • Edracon

      I completely agree with you… it was atually one of the reasons I didn't like PH.

  • s-h

    Link has a girlish voice in this game! I hope its only the Japanese version. I mean, come on. My friend mistakened him for a girl.

    Too many spoilers, i've had enough :XD:

    • 1. As I've said already, we use the same voice actors as the Japanese versions

      2. As I've also already said, young Link in OoT and all the Toon Links are voiced by chicks.

  • Chaos RK9

    Spoiler Alert:

    Zelda's Body actually gets takes by the 2-Horned guy, but her spirit stays with link; much like the fairy; later on, she'll take the form of the Phantom

    Source; Gameinformer Magazine.

  • LinkFan101

    Exactly, s-h! I ask my friends, " Does Link look like a girl?" All I here is " Yes." Oh yeah, so Chaos RK9, you have Gameinformer Magazine? That magazine is awesome. I really hope Link's voice is different in the American version. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Linkfan101

    Here's what I can imagine really happened in the beginning of the clip.
    Zelda comes out and turns to Link.
    Link looks, gasps, and blushes.
    Link: " Do you have a boyfriend?" ๐Ÿ™‚
    Zelda: " Link!" ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Drakon

    Yay, new sound effects and music!
    Seeing this video was like an orgasm for my eyes. I'm so excited. :3

  • Linkfan101

    I made a joke about this. If you look closely Link and Alfonzo have doves on they hat and bandana but to me they look like ducks! So every time I see that I say they got duckies on their heads!

  • simple gal

    i want the game!!!!!!

  • Loulou

    Oh my GOSH! I am SOO excited to play this! EEE IT'S SO EXCITING!!

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