We have been seeing a lot of characters who look similar to characters from The Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass, presumably because they are descendants, but now art has surfaced of what appears to be an old face from Wind Waker, though a much older face than before thanks to the time gap.

Whether this is really Niko is not yet known until someone translates, though the portrait of Niko as a young man at sea seems to suggest it.

You can see more scans here.

  • Cukeman

    This game is turning out to be an old-folk's retirement home

  • zoraluigi

    Oh my… well that's certainly a odd new development. He has got to be super fracking old by now, considering this is a 100 years after WW and PH. So that makes him, what, 116, at least.

    Beeteedubs, FIRST POST.

  • Mr_Zora_Decu

    YAY!!! NIKO!!! I hope there are more "old folks" in the game 😀

  • Guest

    Why did Link and Zelda both stay young if Niko is that old?

    • keimori

      because it'd be totaly not cool if zelda was all old with saggy old lady boobs, and link was slower than a turtle "EEEEAAAAH!! TAKE THAT GAN-OW! my dang hip agian!" "nnnnnnnnnnnnooow*cough -wheeze* at long last *hack* hyrule is miiiiinnnnneeee! *wheeze* *gannon on respirator*

      • Cody

        It's a new Link and Zelda 😛

      • dimentio


      • Bonyy13

        link and tetra are dead , 🙂 spirit track's link and zelda are probably reincarnated version link and zelda, and that could be niko's grandson.

    • Josh

      you do realize that the Link and Zelda in this game are a different Link and Zelda right?

      • Business Shrub

        You know what would be funny? If the new Link and Zelda found their older counterparts! If Niko can get 116 years old then Link and Zelda would be 110 years old. Btw, is that Gonzo? Why didn't he grow old?

        • Link Master

          Link and Zelda were the only ones who visited the world of the Ocean King wich made them age probably 100 times slower.

  • Gordon

    The name in the pictures is most definitely Niko. Simple Katakana.

    • XxSacredBeastxX

      You're right, it DOES say "niko" in a simple katakana! 😀

  • David

    Maybe he is the decendant of Niko

  • Sparkzi

    Doesn't that mean tww/ph Link is still alive? Seeing as Link is younger…? Unless… no. ;_;

  • The Missing Link

    It says something to the effect of:

    "Niko — In Link and his friend's life, [they find] a old man whose hobby is showing off old, handmade, picture shows. As for the one on the wall of the room, does it show [him] as he was in his youth!?"

    This is very rough and may not be entirely accurate. But it at least is kinda sorta close?

  • Ivan the Wind Waker

    Missing Link, my limited 4 years of Japanese suggests what you have posted there is about what I make out as well. It defiantly says his name is Niko though.

  • Sabbo

    While I usually have to look up a couple of charts and a dictionary to read Japanese, the fact that ニコ is Niko is very obvious to me.

    Of course, it's clearly not obvious to those who don't really know any Japanese, but still. It's Niko.

    Relatedly, the title lower down is "shirokuni". I can't be bothered translating anything else though, considering there are most definitely people who could do it better than me.

  • Luisa

    Unless Niko is more than 100 yeas old, that's not him

  • Moe

    I'd say it's him. He is even wearing the same clothing with the skull belt buckle and his blue hat is in his back pocket.

  • Business Shrub

    Niko grew old, but Gonzo, I think he's name was, is still young. Could it be a new Gonzo? Gonzo 2! Btw, I think it's awesome that Zelda will be in the game, I remember ALTTP.

    • Astarael

      He isn't Gonzo – his name is Alfonzo. It's likely that he is a descendent of Gonzo, although this is still unconfirmed.

  • Daniel

    wait…. what happened to the great sea?? if that is niko, where is the great sea?

  • cukeman

    ^ all around new Hyrule I'd bet

  • Ginger

    For the love of god nintendo show some respect and dont show Komali the same way, keep some things sacred untill you can do some proper fan service.

  • Mikaku (fake name)

    I have a simple explanaton for everything since i HAVE Spirit Tracks in English. It is indeed Neko. But a really old one. That is not Gonzo. For his name in Spirit Tracks is Alfonzo. He's Gonzo's grandson. Zelda is Tetra's grandaughter. But dont ask me about Link cause im not sure about him. I know Link (Hero of Winds) is dead.

  • Mikaku

    Link never had any kids and although i dont have any proof anymore cause the message got too long, trust me.Link in Spirit Tracks was compared to the Hero of Winds once by Neko. But Neko only described the Hero of Winds as his old friend. He didnt make any mention of Link being the Hero of Winds grandson. Thus proving that its the same Neko.

  • Mikaku

    Proving that the Hero of Winds never had any kids. Also for all who think that Zelda (from Spirit Tracks) is the grandaughter of Link and Tetra.You're dead wrong. Here is my proof.

  • Mikaku

    Link never got to see New Hyrule. Why? Because Anjean only mentions seeing Tetra there but does not mention Link at all. Also Zelda herself only mentions Tetra playing the Spirit Flute for her when she was little. Now obviously Anjean probably would have mentioned the Spirit Flute if he was even there. Which he probably wasnt. Anjean also mentions that she met Tetra when she first arrived at New Hyrule. But does not mention anything pertaining to the Hero of Winds at all.

  • Mikaku

    Meaning that Link probably died some between the end of Phantom Hourglass and when Tetra arrived at new Hyrule. (no duh). So this means that Link is not related to the Hero of Winds at all. Though it is possible. 1) Link could have had a son or daughter and they could have led up to Link. Or. 2) The Hero of Winds could have had more than one son or daughter. Then one of them could have married one of Tetras kids and make Zelda from Spirit Tracks . And the other of Links children could have mated with someone and then made Link from Spirit Tracks. But those are only two scernarios in which Link is related to the Hero of Winds at all. Otherwise the Hero of Winds never had kids and died before coming to the new land.

  • Mikaku

    But… Zelda mentions when her ansestors came ot this land. (Which was Tetra and Link possibly) So there could be a third scenario. That Link and Tetra had some babies and one (which was probably a girl due to the fact she had to be princess and it doesnt seem fitting for a male to mary a girl into royalty rather the other way around) married a guy and they made Zelda and one (probably a guy cause guys like the contry side more than the average girl does) went and settled with some girl in Aboda Village then died sometime after he was born or (and this is a wild guess) the story Niko tells at the beggining of the game, happened immediately after Link and Tetra arrived at the new land, and Links parents were killed in the war between the Spirits and Demons.( which doesnt sound far fetched after typing it)

  • Mikaku

    so.. any arguements

  • maxwei1125

    Maybe link had kids with someone else, and departed New Hyrule right after he arrived and helped find it. Tetra probably married someone else (royal, probably,) and has a kid (a princess, most likely.) During this time, The son of the Hero of the winds traveled to New Hyrule, had a son, and put him in care of Niko, (The hero of winds probably did not tell his son who he was.) During this time, Zelda II had a daughter, (princess zelda in spiri tracks), and this is where the story began. Maybe my hypothesis is correct?