As we’ve reported before, Spirit Tracks takes place a hundred years after Phantom Hourglass. Link and Tetra from Wind Waker found a new land and named it Hyrule. They’re not alone in the new Hyrule as we’re introduced to the Lokomo people, the natives of Hyrule.

This is Anjean, guardian of the Spirit Temple

This is Anjean, guardian of the Spirit Temple

The Lokomo appear to be half-man, half-train. Lokomo is a pun on the word locomotive, while the name of the only confirmed Lokomo so far, Anjean, is a pun on the word Engine. Anjean is a wise old lady who guards the Spirit Tower in which the Demon King is sealed. She is the one who gives Link the Spirit Train in his quest to rescue Zelda.

As Anjean is the only Lokomo that we currently know about, it is possible that the mechanical half may simply be some sort of wheelchair unique to Anjean, though it is unlikely as the trailer showed Anjean moving around freely on the wheels without touching controls of any sort.

Either way, the Lokomo have been specifically mentioned by Nintendo as “the Lokomo people”, so we have added them to our Races of Hyrule page.

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  • icarus203

    I don't think it's part of her body. It just wouldn't look as cool if she had to move around controlling it manually.

  • Pandora21

    lokomo now that is a funny name and i'm not making fun of the lokomo i think me personally am going to like this race, GO LOKOMO!! WOO

  • Ivysaurusz

    First to say 'OMGZ STEAMPUNK!'


  • veeronic

    huh……. steampunk indeed….
    this is a weird one…

  • MrBaconsock

    A race of cyborg people? … cool 😀

  • swizzles

    It does seem a bit steampunk, doesn't it?

    I hope there's a whole tribe of them somewhere in the game….

  • If theres a tribe of em' Nintendo needs to make sure its not as boring as the tribes in PH- though those werid creatures which though for the otherside the island where awesome.

  • Haru17

    Zora: awesome
    Goron: awesome
    Koriki: awesome
    Hylan: normalish, but still awesome
    Rito: awesome
    Gerdo: awesome
    Lokomo: FAIL

  • Powerchair commercial comes to mind…


    Lokomo will be as prominent as the Oocca, I'm guessing. IE, a nice side addition for this one game.

  • Blu Spy

    Gentlemen, Did anyone happen to kill a red spy on the way here, no, then we still have a problem

  • Lmaomgnoty

    Steampunk? You faggots think this is steampunk?


    • Edracon

      actually, even though it isn't super "gears" and "gritty" and "goggles" it is considered steampunk… I mean… it's a wheelchair powered by STEAM.

      • Lmaomgnoty

        but theres no PUNK. where is the PUNK. It's just some guy with a train for legs.

        So far it's just STEAM and TRAINS FOR LEGS. Nothing punky at all. SOZ LOL.

        • Edracon

          This image… is considered steam punk, so why can't the locomo be considered steampunk, it fits right in.

          • Lmaomgnoty

            Just because there's steam doesn't make it steampunk.

            What I'm saying is, it doesn't fit in with anything described in the steampunk genre. Even how the LokHOMO run off of steam doesn't mean they're steampunk. Hell, there's even people who think Phantom Hour glass and Wind Waker were steampunk and there's nothing in those games that points towards steampunk.

            Basically, you can't have steampunk with just steam.

  • The Fiercest Deity

    Wait, just a point I have to make…Didn't at the end of Wind Waker, the King of Hyrule tell Link and Tetra NOT to name their new world HYRULE? I'm just wondering about that…

  • this is the shittest race ever… wtf, a half train thing?

  • Gwen

    I must say I'm a little disappointed. As always, I'll withhold judgment until I've played the entire game and given it time to grow on me. I loved the Rito, didn't mind the Koroks, loved the Minish, didn't mind the parka people in Phantom Hourglass (whatever they were called), but this one will have to convince me.

  • Lexandria

    ERRR I cant get past the sand song o-o