Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Zelda series has for the past couple of weeks made some interesting Zelda Wii related comments such as “It’s fun to move your body around”, which have caused a lot of discussion among fans. Well, Miyamoto has now made some more comments regarding Zelda Wii.

About MotionPlus: “We’re implementing it so that players can feel like they themselves are holding the sword. In the previous Zelda (TP Wii) the targeting was based on the IR pointer. This time however, we’ll be using MotionPlus for a variety of more convenient targeting systems that will allow for more pleasant gameplay.”

If this makes you so excited you just can’t wait for Zelda Wii, then look no further than Spirit Tracks, being released in December. Miyamoto also had something to say about this game:

“[Zelda ST] will be really fun. It’s turning out to be rather challenging. Many of our Japanese customers were introduced to the Zelda series with Phantom Hourglass, and ST could prove to be kind of hard for them, but I thought we’d show them what Zelda is really made of this time around. So it’s turning into quite a unique title. I’ve managed to gather quite a few creative team members for Zelda ST, so I’d like Zelda Wii to also enjoy creative development as much as possible.”

If Miyamoto holds true to these words, I’ll be just a little more eager to get my hands on Link’s latest DS adventure while waiting for the unveiling of Zelda Wii.

Source: GoNintendo (Thanks to silver-hero for the tip)