Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Zelda series has for the past couple of weeks made some interesting Zelda Wii related comments such as “It’s fun to move your body around”, which have caused a lot of discussion among fans. Well, Miyamoto has now made some more comments regarding Zelda Wii.

About MotionPlus: “We’re implementing it so that players can feel like they themselves are holding the sword. In the previous Zelda (TP Wii) the targeting was based on the IR pointer. This time however, we’ll be using MotionPlus for a variety of more convenient targeting systems that will allow for more pleasant gameplay.”

If this makes you so excited you just can’t wait for Zelda Wii, then look no further than Spirit Tracks, being released in December. Miyamoto also had something to say about this game:

“[Zelda ST] will be really fun. It’s turning out to be rather challenging. Many of our Japanese customers were introduced to the Zelda series with Phantom Hourglass, and ST could prove to be kind of hard for them, but I thought we’d show them what Zelda is really made of this time around. So it’s turning into quite a unique title. I’ve managed to gather quite a few creative team members for Zelda ST, so I’d like Zelda Wii to also enjoy creative development as much as possible.”

If Miyamoto holds true to these words, I’ll be just a little more eager to get my hands on Link’s latest DS adventure while waiting for the unveiling of Zelda Wii.

Source: GoNintendo (Thanks to silver-hero for the tip)
  • Nitramtj

    Very interesting! I'm glad it looks like they're going ahead with using motion plus since it sounded like it depended on how it was accepted during release. If the targetting system is somehow based around it, it must be something creative that will be fun to play with.

  • Pandora21

    nice can't wait for both these games even more now then before sadly i don't have a DS but hopefully i'll be able to try both games sometime, thanks for the article.

  • DavidJW

    wait a minute first he said a hint about link withouth sword ? :O and know he tells you he wants people to really feel that they're holding the sword xD

    • Jake

      He never said link was without a sword, all he said was he wasn't holding one in the art that was revealed.

      • Margar

        yeah, and it's not like we'd have link go through the whole game never using a sword!!

  • ogichiichigo

    Man, I am so excited for these games. Why can't they come out sooner? And why won't he release anything on Zelda Wii? I want to see at least one trailer!

  • Ivysaurusz

    Oh gosh! I feel that holiday mood already!

    I originally thought ST wasn't going to be original—
    but now…

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  • Justin Basl

    Sweet. I thought Motion-Plus would implement the sword play. I'm glad Miyamoto confirmed it. I will also see how much harder ST is. Can't wait. The release date, Dec. 7th, is me and my girls 2 year anniversary. That's not gonna play out well. lol

  • Business Shrub

    I'm sceptical that ST will be a challange, I've never seen a hard Zelda. Although I have to admit that if you come to the Great Palace in AoL without knowing where to go it can easily blow you away! What ever happened to the good old days when the last dungeon was kind of a challange?

    • Art1st4786

      It all depends on the skill level of the player. Some people are just amazing at video games and find them all easy while some struggle through what most hardcore gamers call "easy parts"

      • ChainofTermina

        Thats probably the smartest thing anyone has ever said regarding game difficulty.

    • ChainofTermina

      For crying out loud! would you people just stop saying that! we get it, there isn't a Zelda game in existence that you can't beat in less than 5 minutes! QUIT SAYING ZELDA GAMES ARE TO EASY. ITS REALLY STARTING TO ANNOY! if your such a goddamn Zelda prodigy, thats great for you! but it doesn't mean you have to rub it in our faces all the time!

      • It has nothing to do with being a prodigy. They really are easier. I can still go back to playing the first few games and get my ass kicked, but none of the newer games even kill me once.

        • ChainofTermina


          I'm sorry, that was a out of line. but look, you should realize what your saying.
          I die in Oot. and MM. and although it barely ever happened, I do know what the game over screen of both WW and TP look like. But that doesn't mean I'm horrible at Zelda. saying that getting game overs equals to 'being a baby' isn't exactly friendly advice for people who haven't been playing Zelda since they were 2. You are good at Zelda. but that doesn't mean you should insult people who aren't so gifted.
          when you complain that Zelda is too easy, that makes people who don't think its so easy feel like a retard. so just stop bragging that your so good at it. its not nice.

          • Justin Basl

            Well, he does have a point. Zelda games can catch you off guard sometimes, and you can die. However, "triforce of gods" and "business shrub" does have a point. When the older zelda's first came out, it was a lot harder to beat the levels, especially in the later stages.

            Everyone remembers how the last stage was when entering the final dungeon in "A Link to the Past". Nothing told you where to go. It was almost like you had to remember where to turn, otherwise you would go back to the beginning, and start over. Same thing with the "OOT" in the Lost Woods.

            But things are certain, a flying fairy, helping you every step of the way, isn't going to push gamers. It's only supplying more info which, the gamer should not have. It destroys the experience.

          • Justin Basl

            and destroys the difficulty.. Nintendo needs to offer something so that gamers can remember certain things on thier own. Otherwise, you might as well play something, fast placed, like a fighting game, or a racer. That way, you won't have to think about the story, or where you're going in the game.

          • I was introduced to Zelda through PH, and I was honestly a key target for Nintendo. I liked video games but I wasn't fantastic. People have said that game is easy, and even thouhg I'm currently borderline casual (I hate to call myself that) I have to admit it was ridiculously easy compared to say, OoT. I'm trying to go back and play all of the old Zelda games but they really are more difficult. I honestly don't mind that the newer games are easier. I enjoy the storyline and the puzzles. It feels good to be able to beat things without dying. But I think Nintendo would do well to think about implementing a difficulty level, like I see in some Final Fantasy games. That would probably solve the whole hardcore vs. casual thing. They could have an easy mode where you don't take on a ton fd damage in battles, but also a normal and hard mode where you take more damage. I'm not sure how they could apply difficulty to puzzles though. That would probably have to stay the same.

  • Eric

    I played a version of ST at a comic convention in Long Beach (and Nintendo doesn't go to the SD Comic-Con; what's up with that?) and the piece of the first dungeon that I played was actually surprisingly difficult! I mean, I was just jumping right into the dungeon with no tutorial or anything, and it wasn't like it was completely mind-crushing, but there were some unique puzzles that didn't seem to fit in with the typical Zelda puzzle mindset, such as, "There's an eye! Shoot it!"

  • Jacob Depaz

    Anyone play Wii Sports Resort? What if, with the wii motion plus, they make the bow and arrow in zelda wii like in Wii Sports Resort? That would be cool!

    • Metropalis

      this happened in twilight princess… without the motion plus T_T

  • Z-MAN7

    Dang it, this is wonderful news, I am pumped up for Spirit Tracks and Zelda Wii really sounds like it will be something special.

  • Shiiva

    Haha! YAY!

  • silver-hero

    Haha, thanks for the credit. Just realized it. 🙂
    I just came back from Gamestop, pre-ordered Spirit Tracks today.
    Anyways, im feeling that Nintendo is returning to its true side. From what i've read, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is supposed to be extremely hard, along with Spirit Tracks. Can't wait to play both soon.

  • keimori

    ah Miyamoto master of the tease. alyways saying just enough to keep us satisfyed. well call me pleased, i preordered ST already.

  • ukilledkennyubas**rd

    zelda! wii motion plus


  • MetroidMaster

    HA I knew it, The bow and arrow = Archery wii sports resort XD The boomerang = frisbie
    Grapplehook eh stumped.
    Sword= Swordplay wii sports resort XP

  • Business Shrub

    Well, actually I was bad at Zelda in the beginning, but I used to play Nintendo games all day long, I didn't even do much homework 😛 After playing a game for a few years you can really get good at it, but now they just want us to play a few hours. I hate that, I happen to like games and I want to play at least a few hours every day if possible. Right now I'm swamped with work, so I havn't played for several months. Anyway, once I estimated the game play of WW to about 15 hours and this dude was like, "Way too long, uh, I want to get rid of or done with the game faster!" But why would he play games if he doesn't want them to last? There was a game reviewer on TV once who complained about how hard WW was, because, you know, he had other things to do than playing games! Thinking about career change much? Or when Civ4 got released it got good scores by the reviewers, but the game slows down to the brink of freezing after playing a while, which, of course, none of the reviewers had done. I want Zelda games that are made for people who like games, not busy reviewers.

    I actually have had plenty of game over screens in Zelda and that's the reason collecting hearts in ALTTP is so addicting, you might need them! And my love of empty bottles somehow doesn't go away, instead it becomes an accomplishment of sorts. I guess the reason many gamers want a harder Zelda is because the game otherwise isn't an accomplishment. I want to accomplish something, not just follow the fairy. That doesn't necessarily mean the game has to be harder, but being good at something has to matter somehow. If you have beat WW once the only difference you're going to do by beating it again is a shorter time, and the game doesn't even record that accomplishment, how disappointing! Well, of course, you get to wear different clothes, but that's not what I'm talking about. In the older Zelda games it took longer to beat the game so it lasted longer. So either Zelda has to become harder, or it needs to have other accomplishments that skilled players can excell in. Like Sid Meiers Pirates, I always play that game at the easiest difficulty level because there was so much you could achieve like titles, lovers, land title deeds, items and so on so I always wondered if I could do better next time around. Another game that doens't even pretend to try to kill you is Sim City, instead it's all about how high skyscrapers your city gets.

  • sheik001

    nice to meet you zelda!!spririt tracks and motion plus…not bad

  • Midna's shadow

    I always enjoyed jumping around in my room with the wii in my hand XD!
    even better, I always enjoyed pretending to be a sword fighter…I know that sound mad…

  • Spirt Tracks

    ST is gonna be AWSOME
    Wii MotionPlus HAS to be put into bow an arrow shooting and swordplay

  • storeQ

    is zelda a spirit in ST? cause she looks like one sitting a top the train in the japanese box art…

    • Business Shrub

      Probably not, just a color issue. I think maybe Nintendo wanted Link to be the focus of the image and therefore faded Zelda out a tad. I don't think it would be fitting for Zelda to be a ghost.

  • MissZeruda

    Rofl. If they want it to feel like we’re holding a sword then they might just give us a wii remote that looks like a sword (or just give us one ._.)! *breaks tv on accident*

    Can’t wait for either games. I already pre-ordered ST 😀

  • Ivory

    Doesn't have to be the 'same' sword. I suspect the master sword is the spirit aside him in the concept art of the next Zelda Wii game (the TP sequel.) Maybe Ganny finally got wise and tried to destroy the darn master sword? XD And the whole quest is to restore it or lest find a new affective way of ganon slaying.