ST Euro Boxart

Looks like the European flavor of box art for Spirit Tracks has surfaced on the internet. And I’ll be the first one brave enough to say it: This box art is much nicer than the US version. By a longshot.

  • MrBaconsock

    Ya, This definitley looks better than the US box. It’s way more interesting to look at.

  • Josh

    Look at the town in the background. Let the Speculations commence!

    • Clock tower? Oh shit, this could prove my theory if this game is in Hyrule.

  • Steven

    figures Europe gets the best box again(even though the have to wait longer) and that it has completely original artwork unlike the us which just has the artwork we had from day 1

  • silver-hero

    Looks nice! Too bad i get the US boxart. But at least we'll play it before anyone else XD

  • ChainofTermina

    WHAT HE FUCK! Europe gets the train AND Zelda? and all we get is a fricken Darknut!? thats so unfair!

    no offense to any European people but why do you always get everything cool? Med evil times, Renaissance, Harry Potter. Its not fair! Wah!

    (and yes I know I sound like a 3 year old-that's the joke.)

    • Navi17

      ha ha, ur right of course though they do have everyhting

  • ChainofTermina

    and whats that tower thing in the back round?

    • DarkSpidey13

      Someone said it was the Tower of Hera, but it looks much more like Tower of the Gods to me.

      Though, I don't think it's either.

    • Navi17

      we will have to wait and find out at least i will man i cannont wait to play this freaking game

  • Aninie

    I hope they take out the American design and use this one instead.

  • Jake

    Amazing boxart. I wish we could have gotten it too, but box-art is box-art. Can't wait to see Japan's ๐Ÿ˜€

  • "And I’ll be the first one brave enough to say it:"

    LIES! I already said it ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Navi17

      i love ur name

      • Thanks. It's the Japanese name of A Link to the Past

        • ChainofTermina

          it…. it IS!? Japan actually gets the word Triforce in the freakin TITLE of a Zelda game!? WHY DOES AMERICA SUCK SO MUCH!?
          speaking of which, I've been theorizing that the new Zelda wii game will somehow mention the Master sword in the title. any thoughts?

  • Mr. Vaati

    hmmmm i like it ALOT more then the US version… i wish i had that one even though i had 2 wait a bit longer… i eman, u can stare at this one for a long time, figuring out every little detail from it, the US version is just like: oh ok, cool… NEXT!
    i loooove it, especially with zelda… as a ghost?!?!?! weird… well i dont think its a ghost… but she looks too transparent compared to link… AND it looks like she is flying…
    i tell you, i can keep lookign at this one for a looong time (although i would need a much bigga version for every detail) but… damm US boxart! I WANT DIS ONE! I WANT DIS ONE! also, tower on back looks awesome, and if u look very deep, behind the tower u will find… ICE!!! lol, its like mountains of ice, lol, i bet 500 dollars it is the "ice temple" … ok, i have written too much here… lolz, but i tell ya, i could keep lookin and looking….

  • ZFAN

    I like this boxart but i prefer the other one cause it make's Link look badass. but this one looks good too. oooo i cant wait for this game. just counting down the days!

  • Colonel Ganon

    Mr. Vaati is right, that does look like ice! The tower will definatly be important. Also you can see in the background that there is some sort of fire-thing too. And I think Zelda might be the Navi of this game, but she is a SPIRIT, that is why it is called SPIRIT TRACKS!

  • Beyond.Nooblike

    Looks great, I love it!
    Did anybody yet found one with a higher resolution? I was searching like crazy but did not find one yet.

  • The Khaion

    It's awesome!!! 8D

  • Business Shrub

    What happened to the car of coal in the American version? So Link doesn't need coal for his train anymore? Colonel Ganon is probably right, it's called Spirit Tracks… does this mean Zelda is dead, ghost=dead? Look at that mountain right from the tower, it's spiral, probably important somehow. And I look carefully at the horizon and I think it looks like a castle over there. I don't think it necessarely has to be ice, just so white because it's far away. Too bad Zelda is dead, who are you going to save??? If Zelda was the Navi of this game would that mean she would be constantly circling Link and shouting "HEY!" "LISTEN!!" "HEY LISTEN!!!" ??? Imagine how crazy it would look if Zelda was flying in circles around Link all the time. Nah, maybe Zelda isn't a ghost after all, we're just gona have to wait and see.

    • By_Farore

      ''who are you going to save???''
      …Termina XD
      And here's a bigger picture to analyse it better. The car of coal is still there and the white thing behind does look like ice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Navi17

      Ur name is the best u kno that? Buisness Shrub thats so cool its so random

      • Business Shrub

        Actually Navi is a pretty cool name too, I just had to chooce a random name, so I remembered the nice shrubs in MM, you got land title deeds and all sorts of stuff or info from them.

  • Business Shrub

    Uh, sorry for the outburst, but Zelda isn't dead according to this article I just found the "Spirit" might be due to avoiding ghost TRAINS!
    I didn't read the article, but it did say "ghost trains". Phew, a dead Zelda? No thanks, doesn't look transparent to me. We'll see how it is in december!

  • ya esta el juego en mexico yahooo!en gameplanet lo pueden compar pero no estan en mi pais si no lo comprarian..juajuajua

  • By_Farore

    ''And I’ll be the first one brave enough to say it: This box art is much nicer than the US version. By a longshot.''

    You're not even the first person to show this, even less the first one to say it out loud ๐Ÿ˜› But you -are- the first one brave enough to assume you are the first one to say it.

    I'm outraged that they get something so pretty. And figurines special. I kinda doubt we'll get that special offer here.

    That put aside, as long as I get a poster I won't complain. Much.
    I assume the guidebook will have an awesome poster.

    Zelda does look pale, but it only looks like a choice of colour. And if it did have something to do with the plot, maybe… She meets Link on various occasions, but without actually being there. Maybe her body stays in the castle.

    Ghost trains? Plot hints already? (Should I click or should I wait…)

    I'll keep on speculating, and try keeping it this way until I play the game.

  • By_Farore

    Sorry to double-post.
    I forgot to add that it -is- true no one should ride a train like that. Either to be taken symbolically or it truly is Zelda's projection/hologram/spirit/helpmeobiwankenobiyouremyonlyhope riding along.

    *Sits her down somewhere safe*

    Would be cool to take her from one place to another. ..With whatever Link has loaded in that train. Or rather whoever else: it's a passenger train.
    *walks away, talking to self*

    • Renn

      …Holy no-spaces!

      *starts rambling too*

  • ZeLinker

    So there is gonna be lots of Princess Zelda?

  • igotcola

    That be some mighty fine Box Art right there.

  • Gwen

    Mwahaha! I'm going to print this with my photo printer and use it to cover the US boxart.

  • Teengamer

    Aw man! THEY got the better box art than the US! :'(

    • Don't we always?

    • keimori

      and in my opinon THAT is rather rare

  • I love the box art =O

  • Their's is quite lovely! <3 If our's is plain, then their's has lace.

  • Quill

    Wow! That's a awesome box art!! I saw a bigger picture, and the background looks suspiciously similiar to Termina… Everything remainds me of Snowhead, The Swamp… Yay!

    Well.. I might be wrong, though…=(

  • Kenakuma

    Looks awesome! Great for Europe.

    I live here in the US and I could hoenstly care less, I threw the box out after I open it (unless its like Metroid trilogy box).

    But its great for europeans who hold onto the box!

  • Bill

    I guess I'm the only one here who hates the box-art. It looks way too kiddie. The American box art isn't the best, but the design is parallel to Phantom Hourglass's, re-inforcing it as a continuation in the series. It's also simpler and sleeker, imo.

  • Navi17

    YES FINALLY I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME IT LOOKS FREAKING AWSOME! Not as good as Ocarina of Time of course nuthins beta then OoT!
    Im not a big fan of cartoony Zelda but it looks like a great game, AWSOME!

  • Navi17

    It looks lovely, ok im done freakin out, i hope there isint gonna be THAT much of Zelda i wouldnt be used to it it would be to much of a change for me. there was barely anyhting of zelda in phantom hourglass, it really wasnt a lot about her it was more about the ocean and how they save somethin and well there is a lil bit aobut her jsut the plot is not as much about her as the others…..

  • Waker of Winds

    First they get the Limited Edition, and NOW they get the Legendary Boxart!?

    We get the bland art and no Limited Edition. This is HORRIBLE!

  • Shaelyn

    why did the logo change? their box art does look lovely – far better than ours – but the logo itself is not nearly as cool.

  • Pandora21

    Ya this box art is way better than the american box art they have a train on that box… a TRAIN!

  • flood

    zelda lokks very colourless