The Legend of Neil (a web series about a real-life guy who gets pulled into the Legend of Zelda) has just finished Season 2, with a dramatic finale that leaves the future of the series up to debate.

Be warned: The show does contains explicit language, but if you don’t consider that an issue you can watch the final episode here. If this is your first time watching you may wish to start from the first episode instead.

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  • Logan

    Love watchin' Legend of Neil. One of the funniest things I ever did saw!

  • sheik001

    whats is neil??

    • Margar

      watch it and find out, duh!

  • Justin Basl

    Lol, great series. The video content in the second season is a lot better. Better than most zelda parody series out there.

  • Edracon

    That was an awesome season finale.

  • Darkness

    Yeah, It was especially surprising.

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't watch Zelda shows unless they're oh screw it you already know what I'm going to say

  • The Power of Three

    Legend of Neil is very funny. I first heard about it when checking my podcast, anyway… I have a question to ask the makers of Legend of Neil, why create something and never finish it? Don't have a debate over continuing it. CONTINUE IT!

  • Prof. Fish

    What are you guys talking about the first season was great. Second season was comparable, if not better (I thought the whole "online musical" sacrificed a lot just to cater to the Dr. Horrible crowd).

    But Cody, I would flag this series for more than "explicit language" from now on. It has sex scenes, heavily sexual language, bloody violence, drug use, the whole works.