Dragon*Con, for those unfamiliar, is one of the largest pop-culture conventions in the world. Lysia of The Sacred Realm attended the convention, and made it her mission to find and photograph as many Zelda cosplayers as she could. You can check it out here.

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  • ChainofTermina

    okay maybe there's just something wrong with me, but every time I see live action video game characters, it really creeps me out.
    unless there from a video game that's has graphics so good that they already look sorta like live action. and Zelda that is not.

    • Navi17

      Oh my gosh me too!

  • Navi17

    Oh cool i heard about Dragon Con on adult swim. I was wondering wat it was cause i didnt know.

  • DetentionMisfit

    Hey, I remember hearing something about ZU being at Anime Fest. Do you guys have pictures of that? I bet there were some Zelda cosplayers there! 😉

  • Business Shrub

    Great cosplay, I'm a fan of cosplay!

  • sanseed

    really fantastic!