The mailbag for August 12, 2009 is contained within:

Waker of Winds writes:

I found a mistake in one of the Adult Timeline theories. Your site says that The Wind Waker is in the Adult Timeline, but in the Adult Timeline the events of Majora’s Mask never occured. This contradicts with the fact that in The Wind Waker when Link is required to gather the Triforce of Courage, their is a small Legend told by The King of Red Lions about how The Hero of Time went into another demension looking for a friend. It is implied that this demension is the Land of Termania. Now if The Wind Waker was in the Adult Timeline than The Hero of Time would not have traveled to Termania and there would have been no need to collect the Triforce Pieces. This means that ethier The Wind Waker and all of its sequels are not in the Adult Timeline or the events that took place in Termania existed in bothe the timelines. Its a paradox caused by the Ocarina of Time but this means that Majora’s Mask happened in both timelines. Is this true?

James writes:

You just answered your own question: It is implied that the dimension is Termina.  It is quite possible that another quest of that nature happened.  But that is what was told by the developers on how the timeline went.

Squrbit writes:

Do you think it as possible for the new Zelda wii title that they take aspects from “The Adventures of Link”? Such as leveling up, and having character stats?

James writes:

No, I really don’t think you’ll see those aspects in any future Zelda game.  “The Adventure of Link” is such a black sheep in the series, that the aspects of the game wouldn’t be accepted by the fans.

Scarlet writes:

I’ve had a question that’s been on my mind for a while. In Majora’s Mask, Link ends up in Termina, which is a parallel universe based off of Hyrule. My question is, does that Link ever return to Hyrule? I’ve seen some timeline theorys, and some people say that the Link from OoT/MM is the father of the Link in Twilight Princess. And if this is true, one of the Links must have returned to Hyrule somehow. But all I really want to know is if the OoT/MM Link returnes to Hyrule.

James writes:

I am pretty sure that Link returns.  At the end of the game, you see Link ride Epona back into (what looks like) The Lost Woods.  That would confirm that Link goes back into Hyrule and leaves Termina behind.

DaltonR6 writes:

What do you think of the idea of an upcoming Zelda game being heavily based on the Gerudo?

James writes:

None of the games prior have been heavily based on one race.  I think all the races have their screen time with Link, then Link moves onto the next race.  If it were based on the Gerudo, it would be to showcase the past of Ganondorf and a mystery behind him.

Noah jepkema writes:

do u have any information on the title of the new zelda wii game

James writes:

If we do, we will post it.  All we know is that there is one official piece of art and that it will be on the Wii.  That’s it.

Dylan writes:

I have a question for the developers of the Zelda games. could you bring back wind waker, but instead for GameCube could you make it for the DS because that would be totally awsome!

James writes:

If you want to get in touch with the developers, contact Nintendo.  I don’t think ports are on their high list of priorities at the moment though.

Gordon George writes:

I have heard rumors of an upcoming RPG called LoZ: Rebirth that features the children of Link and Zelda. Any truth behind this?

James writes:

I have not heard any truths to that yet.  I have seen Valley of the Flood, which is also a false rumor.  I don’t think LoZ will head into a full RPG game ever.