With both a new Wii and DS Zelda game fast approaching, more and more relevant Zelda news is appearing, and as such we have decided to hold a contest amongst our Facebook fans to expand our page’s fan base (our Facebook page makes our Zelda news updates appear in the friends’ updates list).

Once we reach 3000 fans, a contest will be held on our Facebook page with several as-of-yet undecided Zelda-related prizes.

How can you help in getting the contest started? Well, firstly, a good way to help would be by updating about us to your friends, with a message like “Do you enjoy the Zelda series? Then join this page, which will update you on the latest Zelda news via Facebook!” There is also a “Suggest to Friends” button on our page if you feel like being more direct about it.

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  • DaltonR6

    I would do this… but none of my friends even know what Zelda is 🙁

    • desirée

      same here

  • It took ZU two years to get back to 2000… how long will it take for the count to reach 3000? I don't use Facebook, but am interested in what the contest will be. 🙂

    • Cody

      You're confusing active ZU users with Facebook fans. We only took off with that Facebook group in like early June. :2

  • Business Shrub

    I just became a facebook fan. Everybody has to join, I'm curious about what will happen when we reach 3000, counting me we are now at 1771!

  • I would… But in regards to facebook I'm a paranoiac… So I prefer to make sure people don't know stuff about me.

  • Happy Mask Salesman

    yup. i think ill try this one..

    i have facebook but non of the people i know really know anything about zelda…

    :S thats sad…S: