It’s time! For those who didn’t read the post directly below this one, we’re celebrating the launch of The Bank of Hyrule with – what else – a contest! We’re giving away two prizes: Four volumes of VizKid’s The Legend of Zelda manga, and an X-Rocker II gaming chair (with speakers built-in!).

To enter, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Be living in the US or Canada. Sorry, we didn’t make the shipping restrictions!
  2. Take a photo of something in real life you feel represents or reminds you of Zelda. It could be anything – we’re not being strict here – but don’t push it too much.
  3. Upload that photo somewhere – to Flickr, ImageShack, we don’t care where.
  4. Post a link to the photo in the comments of this post, and we’ll tally ’em up for a raffle.

The contest will run from now until 11:59pm this coming Sunday, July 12. Please use this post’s comments for entries only – anything that isn’t an entry will be deleted. Make sure to submit your entry in the comments system before 11:59pm on the 12th if you want a shot at winning anything. The winners will be selected by raffle out of the comments, so everyone has an equal shot at the prizes no matter what your photographic skill is.

For more details on the prizes, some elaboration on the rules, and to enter, read on!

Some Rule Clarification

Alright, so I’ve already told you how to enter – but there are some limitations. Please bear them in mind when entering, as we will enforce these strictly.

  • You must submit a valid email in your comment. We need a way to contact you if you win! If you supply no email, your entry will not be counted.
  • If you enter twice (and yes, we can tell), you’ll be disqualified.
  • If we find out you submitted a photo you didn’t take yourself – aka plagiarized your entry – you’ll be disqualified.
  • Please don’t email us entries. We’re not counting email submissions. Post a link to the photo in the comments.
  • You can color-correct your photo, but photo manipulations will not be accepted. Real life only!
  • Although we’re not going to judge what reminds you of Zelda and disqualify you if you enter with a “bogus” photo, we will be showing off the best photos entered on the site. So this is also a chance to show off your artistic talent!

The Prizes

There will be two winners at the end of the week, chosen entirely by raffle with an online random number generator based on the number of valid entries. A number will be assigned to each valid entry, and we’ll draw them out of the virtual hat. Since it’s a raffle, “first place” and “second place” don’t truly apply. However, we’re going to label the prizes as First and Second Place anyway – just to distinguish them.

Second Prize is a bundle of Zelda manga, courtesy of Viz Media – four volumes, to be precise. The volumes included in the prize are as follows:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Part 1)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Part 2)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Aren't they beautiful? Well, they're sure glossy.

Aren't they beautiful? Well, they're sure glossy.

First Prize is brought to you by Mounts and More, an online store specializing in TV mounts and other entertainment accessories – and it’s the X-Rocker II video game chair. If you’re sick of sitting on the edge of your bed to play video games, this chair will remedy that for sure. The headrest has two built-in speakers, a subwoofer in the back, MP3 and DVD compatibility, and is made of slick leather and metal. It hooks up to most any system, so even if you’re using your XBox or PS3 (traitor), you’ll be able to hook the sound up to the chair. Although we think it’ll sound best when played with Twilight Princess, you can use this chair to bring crazy surround-sound style to any game.

There's even a subwoofer in the back - so on top of pummelling Ganondorf to shreds, you'll get a nice massage from sheer action of the sound effects.

There's even a subwoofer in the back - so on top of pummelling Ganondorf to shreds, you'll get a nice massage from sheer action of the sound effects.

If, by some twist of fate, the winners of BOTH prizes decide they don’t want their own prize and instead want the other, a swap can happen. But both winners must agree to it in the end.

Featured Works

As previously stated, we will be featuring a bunch of the most impressive photos from this contest on the main site of ZU. If you’re interested in photography as much as you are in Zelda, we can’t wait to see what you’re looking to enter. At the end of the contest, the ZU staff will go through all of the photos and select those we feel best accomplished the mission stated in the contest entry rules.

Ready… go!

And with that, I hereby announce this contest started! Remember, this is but a taste of what we hope to do in the future with The Bank of Hyrule. However, The Bank of Hyrule will not always be fueled by generous sponsors like this kickoff contest. It depends on the community – so if you want to see other contests like this happen, please make a small donation (or “deposit”) into The Bank. ZU keeps none of the money, and when we reach our first goal of $250 we’ll begin planning on another contest – with a DSi as the prize, and with, perhaps, even more fun ways to enter. But only if the community wants it!

PLEASE NOTE: The comments system in this post is for ENTRIES ONLY. Any comment that is not an entry will be immediately deleted!