In an interview with Nintendo Power, Miyamoto talked a bit about the new Wii Zelda, and made the statement “I don’t think it’s going to be that radically different.”

This could be interpreted in many ways. Most likely it’s just a reassurance that we aren’t going to see “Zelda in Space” or “Link fighting in WWII”, or one of the other many wild theories that always appear during the speculation of a new game.

However, there’s also a chance that he could be referring to the style of gameplay, or the graphics, or any number of things. I guess we’ll just have to wait until there is more actual information on the game before we know for sure.

  • Megabrain3000

    Well that's interesting. I don't know if that news is comforting or depressing. I hope they still get creative with the game though. I'd rather Nintendo try something new than just deliver more of the same. Just look at Super Mario Galaxy.

    • Ted

      It can't be comforting or depressing, the statement he made is to vague. Once we know more, then you can be comforted or depressed.

  • Megaguy

    I agree. I am all for creativity

  • colonelchibbers

    I feel like Super Mario Galaxy WAS more of the same. Anyway, this is weird considering how he said earlier that Twilight Princess was the end of Zelda as we know it.

    • Crozier

      Who exactly said that "Twilight Princess was the end of Zelda as we know it." Your not talking about Miyamoto are you?

      • Rayde

        Learn to read

        • Yes, that is quite strange. I wonder why he's contradicting himself? I guess it has been a while since this Zelda has been in the works, so things might have changed since that comment was made.

    • you know how many ppl would kill themselfves if the Zelda series ended so soon =_= i mean its got a lot more to cover and such now pokemon is a diff story they are pretty much thru i mean xD they have a legendary pokemon for time,space,every human emotion, every element including nature, life and death oh and not to mention GOD…so yea wht else can they do make more mystery dungen and pokemon ranger games lol

      • Did you get that line from $00pah NiN10Doh!? I happen to love Pokemon. They may have created a lot of legends but that doesn't necessarily mean the series is over. They could go far with a decent plot.

      • bluefire

        I used to like Pokemon. Know it's to preditable and boring and I beat the games in like two days!

        • o yea! if you were born in the early 90's pokemon was awesome. red blue gold and silver are going to be classic games. except for stadium, the ones after that are crap in my opinion

          • But red/blue were extremely glitched up.

            They were the Kings of Glitches.

            And if you were born when pokemon came out, you would be too young to care about Nintendo. You would care more about food and fresh diapers.

    • hopefully Miyamoto will have a lot of involvement in this one to make it his last great zelda game and make it perfect. i know that he wanted to get out of the zelda series, and i think it would be interesting to see what he can do with all the capabilities of the new systems since he's kind of an old school designer. he might be able to one-up other games and designers with how he'll use the capabilities.

      just pray nintendo will let him access these things

  • i think that they should keep the graphics from TP, but create a new storyline for it. because, as a friend pointed out, TP was pretty much a remake of ocarina. but they should give it a darker feel, make you feel like its you against the world, and make the puzzles harder. the puzzles in TP were a joke

  • Shannon

    I hope this game will be difficult, because I've played all the games and never have I seen the "game over" screen.

    • ThePizzaGuy

      I have, but only when I jumped down bottomless pits to see if there was something down there. Come to think of it, I do that in most games…

      Anyways, I get the feeling this new game's gonna be something special, and I think it's a good thing that it won't be "that radically different" because some of us were beginning to worry (although I myself never doubted Mr. M for a moment).

    • You can't honestly expect me to believe you've never seen a Game Over screen in LoZ, AoL, or ALttP. Others, sure, I'll buy it, but not those three. I even have a hard time believing it for LA and OoX, but those are more believable.

      • lockx

        What about Link's Awakening?

        That first boss has to be the most annoying boss I've come up against! once you pass that one you are fine but until then…

        I'd agree it does look like it'll be something special. Can't wait till more artwork or interviews surface so that we can get more definitive speculation.

  • Tyler

    Lets just hope they keep Ganon

    • i think they should go bigger, someone beyond ganon. like almost have him fight a new legit king of hyrule controled by ganon controled by like an evil god that he himself has to seal away. it sounds kind of generic but kind of cool to me

  • ChainofTermina

    The Master Sword is a person! I'd say that's radical enough. and the graphics of TP were pretty good, but personally, I think Link's Outfit was a little too detetailed. I miss the plain tunic from OoT

    • well i think that he detail of the OoT tunic had more to deal with the systems limitations on detail. i think that the TP tunic was closer to what Miyamoto and other players imagined it to be and i personally like it

      • ChainofTermina

        I was actually talking about the art. the pictures, in the manuel. that tunic.

  • Rayde

    I for one hope that they don't just recycle the animations from Wind Waker again. Honestly Link's running animation in TP looked really stupid. He looked better running in OoT.

  • kwuz

    looks like it has TP graphics! I loved the TP graphics, i just hope that they improve them a little bit to look MORE realistic. Its definitly possible.

    • yea link's and epona's running was goofy looking, especially epona's was really choppy and chunky looking

  • radelgirl

    If the concept art is any measure of what the game is like, I think we're in for a pretty interesting story. I'm sure there will be new mechanics in the game (wii motionplus yes?) but I'm sure Miaymoto means that nothing extreme (like link going to battle with terrorists) is gonna happen.

  • ChainofTermina

    Sooo… no one else thinks "Zelda in Space" sounds a little… interesting?Sorta… Kinda cool? no one? anyone? anyone?
    …. I thought not.

    • Master Jedi

      It would be just like Star Wars. Luke has a green lightsaber right? He saves the Princess, and has someone who helps him out throughout the movies.

    • i dont think exactly in space but maybe alittle bit more to do with it like dungeon. i think they should bring in more of the history and lore of Hyrule into it rather than change settings, and have it set right after TP maybe. then they could expand the map further. maybe a better sky dungeon cause the TP one was kind of dumb, and i was kind of hoping for like a winged tunic instead of the magic tunic in that game. i think if they came out at the end of the game with a tunic that gave you wings and you could fly with would be cool.

      • irulehyrule


        • All caps? all craps…

          And that exclamation contributes nothing to this thingeemawhateveritis.

    • Maybe one of the dungeons is really a spaceship built by aliens!

      One of the main dungeon traps is air locks that send link to hyrule field and deal 5 hearts of damage!

      I'd both love and hate that dungeon.

      da-da-da-daaaaa! I got an item! i love this dungeon!

      SHHHOOP! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I plummeted to hyrule! I hate this dungeon!

  • Mr Comment

    I am not surprised at that Zelda comment as Nintendo is into the 'cash cow' phase to get rich quick, That's why they are number 1 now and I hope it bites them in the A. (you know what I am talking about).

    If that's what it takes to get them creative again then that's what it takess.

    I'm so sick of fanboys distorting the web and it doesn't matter WHICH console the rave is about either which is why Nintendo doesn't use technology to it's potention on being creative and instead chooses to recycle the same games with different themes.

    Fanboys are all the same though Sony fanboys tend to cuss more I've noticed but then 3/4ths of their games are rated PG13 or up so I guess that explains it.

    Done ranting. Sheesh I started to go off topic. Someobody throw me a Shiekian knock out dart. Please?

    • Complaining won't make the fanboys stop, much as you want them too.

      And it's T, not PG13. ESRB rates games, and they use a different system.

  • I hate to say it but I'm getting a little wary of what M San will say next…

    • well i heard that Miyamoto barely did anything on TP and thats why it wasnt a new storyline

  • eldagger

    long as its a good game im happy

  • kaybee2

    The game's not even out yet, and I'm referring to both Zelda Wii AND Super Mario Galaxy. Give it a rest. The fact that it looks the same and runs on the same engine doesn't necessarily mean it won't be a different experience.

  • The Poison

    rofl @ link fighting in WWII.

  • ok after reading the article "Long Live The Triforce… Or Not" (… this idea came to me. what if the next one is set ahead of OoT and TP. because of Link saving Hyrule from evil, the king arranges a marriage between Link and Zelda, making Link king. then like 40 years after the marriage and what not, Ganon and other great evil figures in the history of hyrule raise an army and invades Hyrule and Link sends out his eldest son to fight him. fighting through the other figures (dungeons) he gets to ganon but after destroying/killing ganon some evil demi-god is revealed and was using ganon as a puppet. and to fight the god the son has to get some pre-goddess weapon (preferably other than sword and bow, maybe and axe or epic hammer?) and destroy the tri-force to access the dark realm, twilight, or where ever the bad guys go to fight this god

    or does this sound to corny?

    • So…Link isn't the protagonist?

      And He's another fat king?

      Will he be drunk on magic milk when he decides to send his firstborn into the midst of ganon's army?

      • probably, that sounds like him

        but what do you think of it?

  • BKurosawa

    im disappointed. I was sure this one was gonna be revolutionary.