I wrote, a few days ago, about Zelda Universe’s new donation system, The Bank of Hyrule. I’m pleased to announce that, after much fussing, The Bank is now live! You can find it on the sidebar under “Site Related.”

For those unaware of just what The Bank of Hyrule is, allow me to explain: The Bank replaces ZU’s traditional donation system with a so-called “deposit box.” Every time a person makes a deposit into the bank, the amount inside, naturally, rises. When we reach a certain amount of money, Zelda Universe will flush out the money in The Bank and use it to hold a contest!

Contests will be easy to enter and fun to participate in. We’re already planning for our first contest – so why not hit the jump to find out what fun we’ve got planned?

The First Contest

So, what are we looking to give away for the first contest? Why, a Nintendo DSi of course. To cover all of the shipping costs, as well as other miscellaneous expenses, this entire shebang costs about $250 to run. So that’s our first goal – in order for ZU to hold a DSi Giveaway contest, The Bank of Hyrule needs to fill up with $250. If you decide to make a deposit, make sure you have a credit card or Paypal account – we only take deposits through Paypal, since it plays nice.

Once that happens, the craziness shall begin. We haven’t quite decided what you’ll need to do to enter, but it won’t be difficult (we promise).

You can always track how much is in the bank – and how much we need – on the right-hand sidebar just above the polls.Ā  But we’re not stopping there…

The Viz Manga Contest

Viz has been very gracious – to really kick off The Bank of Hyrule, they’re sending over some copies of their Legend of Zelda manga for us to give out. Which is awesome, so we’re going to start planning this kickoff contest right away. Expect to see this contest start within the next week or so! And thanks, awesome people at Viz!


The Bank of Hyrule is a work in progress project, powered entirely by the community’s desire to hold contests. We can only hold them if you want to have them, so please let us know what you think The Bank of Hyrule should be to make it awesome. Just head over to the Contact Us page and shoot us an email.

  • Awesome. I have a perfectly good DS Lite, so I don't know about entering for the DSi. I also have all the mangas released so far, but that's great for people who don't.

  • Only one dollar? I know no one here is that poor. Perhaps if you make the contributers mods, they would cough up the dough. šŸ™‚


    This is a great idea. All I have to say really.


    Actually, isn't there a potential flaw here? If the contests are going to be anything like art contests or something, surely people who can't draw aren't ever going to win?

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what the contests could be, so that pretty much everyone has a fair chance of winning?

  • Even if we did make the entry require drawing something, we wouldn't judge it based on the best art. It would just be a barrier for entry. All of these contests will be raffles – skill will have no holding, although we will most likely showcase the most crazy awesome entries to any contest.

    Although, with only $1, not sure we can put on anything just yet šŸ˜‰

  • Well, what color will the DSi be? Maybe include more little details like that to draw the people in. Even if you have a perfectly good DS Lite, you still don't have much to lose. You could donate like $1, and if you won, then you get a DSi for one dollar, which is basically free…

  • Double A

    “it won’t be difficult”

    Well, that pisses me off, since skill won’t influence who wins the prize…

    Why not make something similar to the design-a-boss contest, like a design-an-enemy contest (easy yet skill-based)

    • Margar

      If a contest requires a skill, then that limits who can win. Not everyone who donates would have a chance of winning. And if you have to have some kind of skill to win, then many people won't want to donate, knowing that whatever they give will be basically paying for someone else's prize. That's both not fair, and it puts a limit on what sorts of things we can afford to give away.

  • Nictel

    This is great for us Europeans šŸ˜›


    • Nictel

      €7,40 I meant. Still great deal.

  • Luisa

    Sweet! This sounds fun. I hope it'll be a drawing contest <3

  • What you should do is make the amount needed a little extra, so that ZU does gain some money in the end. šŸ™‚

    • Nictel

      DSi= 179,-. I don't think you need 70,- for shipping. šŸ˜‰

  • Navi 17

    Someone help me!! How do i get back epona in majoras mask?? I found her but no one will talk to me at the ranch (the Malon clones wont talk to me)

    • bluefire

      You have to come to the ranch on day one.