I wrote, a few days ago, about Zelda Universe’s new donation system, The Bank of Hyrule. I’m pleased to announce that, after much fussing, The Bank is now live! You can find it on the sidebar under “Site Related.”

For those unaware of just what The Bank of Hyrule is, allow me to explain: The Bank replaces ZU’s traditional donation system with a so-called “deposit box.” Every time a person makes a deposit into the bank, the amount inside, naturally, rises. When we reach a certain amount of money, Zelda Universe will flush out the money in The Bank and use it to hold a contest!

Contests will be easy to enter and fun to participate in. We’re already planning for our first contest – so why not hit the jump to find out what fun we’ve got planned?

The First Contest

So, what are we looking to give away for the first contest? Why, a Nintendo DSi of course. To cover all of the shipping costs, as well as other miscellaneous expenses, this entire shebang costs about $250 to run. So that’s our first goal – in order for ZU to hold a DSi Giveaway contest, The Bank of Hyrule needs to fill up with $250. If you decide to make a deposit, make sure you have a credit card or Paypal account – we only take deposits through Paypal, since it plays nice.

Once that happens, the craziness shall begin. We haven’t quite decided what you’ll need to do to enter, but it won’t be difficult (we promise).

You can always track how much is in the bank – and how much we need – on the right-hand sidebar just above the polls.  But we’re not stopping there…

The Viz Manga Contest

Viz has been very gracious – to really kick off The Bank of Hyrule, they’re sending over some copies of their Legend of Zelda manga for us to give out. Which is awesome, so we’re going to start planning this kickoff contest right away. Expect to see this contest start within the next week or so! And thanks, awesome people at Viz!


The Bank of Hyrule is a work in progress project, powered entirely by the community’s desire to hold contests. We can only hold them if you want to have them, so please let us know what you think The Bank of Hyrule should be to make it awesome. Just head over to the Contact Us page and shoot us an email.