It seems that Hylian Dan’s article has spurred some excitement – particularly among one man from the old Behind the Rupees team. For those who don’t know, Behind the Rupees was the predecessor to The Missing Link. Years ago, Zelda Universe had an elite Team of Writers who specialized in creating in-depth articles about the Zelda series.

The new Team of Writers, which consists currently of Crab Helmet, Hylian Dan, Hombre de Mundo and Holly, are doing their best to revive the old tradition.

To help them along, former Behind the Rupees writer pipking graciously sent in a guest article – his first article in quite a while. pipking was, by far, one of the most spectacular authors on the old Team of Writers. I’m proud to present his latest work, entitled The 100-Year Itch: an opinion piece that discusses technological advancement in the Zelda series, and why Spirit Tracks is on the right track for innovation in Zelda.

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