You were disappointed that Nintendo didn’t announce that Wii Zelda that you really wanted?  Well, it was announced at E3, you just weren’t invited in to see it.

In an invite-only, closed door meeting with select journalists and blogs, Shigeru Miyamoto told them that the Wii Zelda in the works will not see the light until 2010 at the earliest.  He did say that we wished that Nintendo was able to show something during the keynote speech, but wasn’t inserted in.  Instead, those select journalists were treated to “Twilight Princess-esque” artwork from the new game.

Not much else was announced in this meeting.  The only things that have been said on some of the blogs around is that the Link shown seemed more mature and that the swordplay was described as more advance as ever before.

So, while you won’t hear from this game until next year, you now know that the game is indeed confirmed.  Just with no subtitle, no trailers, no new information, but confirmed nonetheless.

  • Psy

    Surely some crooked individual in this cruel world of camera-prohibited events happened to snap a small, grainy shot of said artwork

    • midna

      oh thats exactly what happened. On a camera phone in fact. after this leak nintendo has produced the actual pic.… this will show you it. how ever if you google zelda 2010, then click images, you bound to see it.

  • Twilight King

    So, can we be not banned on the forums now? We won the bet.

    • Yeah, lol =P

      • Nictel

        What qualifies as Zelda Wii being shown:
        -The official logo being shown
        -Gameplay demonstration
        -Playable Demo


  • L176
    • Jeremy

      is that real?

      • It might be true, but Nintendo asked not to use a camera… =S

        • Jeremy

          i found this detailed description… someone has a good visual memory, lol =]

          "During the discussion, Miyamoto briefly showed an image from the game featuring a mature Link barely visible through a broken wall. Although the picture only showed Link from behind, a short girl in a long robe stood in full view at Link's back. Wearing a crystal necklace and emanating a blue aura, she gave off an otherworldly look — akin to Zora from Ocarina of Time. "

    • Gerudude

      How the hell did you get that?

  • Date the ban will be lifted: 09-03-2009, 06:00 AM

    Is that september?
    Or is that March? It's not June though…?

    • Nictel


  • OniYoshi


  • andyzx

    Xmas 2010?

  • ChainofTermina

    Mature Link? what does that mean?
    What is he gonna start looking and acting like Solid Snake?
    Actually… that'd be kinda cool. I just don't wanna see Link with a beard, that, that'd be wierd

    • l33+ N1nj4

      Actually, link is only a teen in TP and OoT, so he will probably be 20-30 in this one.

  • Z3LER
    • Dax

      Um, I can't enlarge the thumbnail on that link, was that intentional?

      • Z3LER

        Yes it's normal, the photos was not allowed at the annoncement…
        This image must come from a mobile phone…

        [ Sorry if my english is bad 🙂 ]

    • name

      If this picture was the artwork that was shown then we actually won the bet because the official logo was shown.

  • By_Farore

    This is all I need to wait in peace.
    Wait, I still want a lefthanded Link. Well, that's my problem.
    If select journalists were shown something, then it means we might eventually see something on the magazines. Whatever the case, just the fact that something was shown to someone makes me at ease.

    Though I won't be surprised if fake artwork started popping up, so no matter how pretty I'll stick to actual, factual ''this is Zelda Wii art, approuved by Nintendo''.

    • Chesterton

      Like an in-game character being left handed matters. AT ALL.

      "Wow, this was perfect, apart from his handedness. 9/10".

  • Solaira

    Curse you, Miyamoto, and your schemes of keeping us in the dark!!

  • zelda_trilight

    that is awesome………is it the next one from twilight princess

  • mattj

    I am right handed. I would learn to swipe the wiimote with my left hand just to have a left handed link again. I'ts not Link if he's not left handed. I'm sorry, but like 15 games with a left handed link and then it changes. You might as well change his gender!

    • Feere Gorone

      Honestly, I wouldn't put it past the Big N to do that O_o

      • SolidLegend

        Mattj, that's exactly what I would say. Except for the fact that I am left handed.
        They can't change Link from left to right handed…it's just not the same. It's part of his character, you know?

  • Evil2theCore

    im psyched!


    Didn't M. say no more TP graphics?

  • Feeblemindedness

    this is were the plotting starts, conspiracy theories coming from everywhere, but as we all saw the artword I think everybody agrees that it's link with a zora girl? btw where were the dekus in TP?? and the lot of sidequests? and the shop where you can win by shooting with your bow? god I miss old school zelda

  • kris

    Should it have wii motion plus

  • I mean comon if anyone reads GAME INFORMER then they would know they gave an illustration of the new zelda.They always keep it a secret.It would be nice to have real pictures though…

  • jesse

    Stop being faggits if he is right handed or not you will probably be able to change that anyway.

    • Offended!!

      the term "faggit" is extremely derogatory. I know one could say it has multiple meanings (ie, in England it can refer to a cigarette) but clearly from the comment it was intended to be insulting and derogatory. People who have preferences to the same gender should be offended, i know I am. This is a forum for Zelda-talk, in particular about the posted article, and I have zero desire to read prejudiced words like that! Although the internet is a place for "free speech" in the American constitution (where the "free speech" hallabaloo came from) it also allows "freedom from discrimination" Free Speech is about being able to critique politics (etc) without fear of consequences, not to go around calling people discriminatory names, no matter what the context is!

      I did "report" this comment – i really hope someone does SOMETHING about this because it is totally inappropriate!

  • fuck you jesse

    your a faggot learn how to spell buddy

    • Zarco

      you spelled "you're" wrong jackass… people are such idiots.

  • Fumiosuzukii

    Guys, I created a mock-up of what a realistic Zelda game would look like, with a sorta-grown-up Link with less cartoony eyes.

    spread it around

    • pingusmaximus

      that's just assassins creed in green >.<

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