You were disappointed that Nintendo didn’t announce that Wii Zelda that you really wanted?  Well, it was announced at E3, you just weren’t invited in to see it.

In an invite-only, closed door meeting with select journalists and blogs, Shigeru Miyamoto told them that the Wii Zelda in the works will not see the light until 2010 at the earliest.  He did say that we wished that Nintendo was able to show something during the keynote speech, but wasn’t inserted in.  Instead, those select journalists were treated to “Twilight Princess-esque” artwork from the new game.

Not much else was announced in this meeting.  The only things that have been said on some of the blogs around is that the Link shown seemed more mature and that the swordplay was described as more advance as ever before.

So, while you won’t hear from this game until next year, you now know that the game is indeed confirmed.  Just with no subtitle, no trailers, no new information, but confirmed nonetheless.