Wheel77 is our latest addition to the Fan Music section, starting us off with his electric guitar interpretation of the Stone Tower song from Majora’s Mask.

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  • Pieter

    I only hear a humming sound and a click,
    is anybody else experiecing this?

    • Majora's Reincarnate

      For some reason, you have to download the song to hear it. Simply right-click on the the link, and click "save link as" to download the music file. It's done very well, though. You should give it a listen!

  • CWP

    Same as you, Pieter. I think there was some trouble in the uploading process. This sounds like a cool track though, I’m anxious to hear it.

  • Zeldadudetp

    This is cool!
    It works for me.
    I have VLC media player.

  • Risingstorm4

    works for me too it brings back memories of playing it Great Work! I wish i had this kind of talent

  • Pandora21

    very well done, i liked how it sounded