oracleofagesThe Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa will be released in a couple of weeks (June 2) in bookstores across America. Like the other mangas in the series, the story will be based on the game itself. Look for it in your local bookstore or order online for a cover price of $7.99.

Continuing the series, look for Four Swords Part I to be released August 4 and Four Swords Part II on October 6. Coming on December 1 will be The Minish Cap.

Already released are Ocarina of Time Part I, Ocarina of Time Part II, Majora’s Mask, and Oracle of Seasons.

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  • Cool, hey check this out me & my friends are trying to get lots of views on are video

  • MDK

    Nice, but I wish they'd start publishing the Ataru Cagiva mangas as well – vastly superior to the Akira Himekawa mangas in my opinion.

  • Link861

    I got 3 of the 4 that are out right now. Either I'll get Seasons next week, or wait till Ages comes out and get both.

  • kayasto

    great now not only do i have to save money for an ocarina i have to save money for the zelda seires of manga xD oh well it will all be worth it

  • ChainofTermina

    Already have 'em all, except OoS. Maybe I'll get that today.
    Hey, is there a WW manga? I haven't seen anything or heard anything.
    I have a special connection with WW, as it was my first Zelda.
    I'd love to see the Hero of Winds in Manga form.

    • Sol

      yeah there is, its called Links Logbook, and is mostly an omake, but funny and cute nonetheless

  • PhantomGannon

    Why is my account not activated? I really want to make posts on the forums.
    I'm PhantomGannon.

  • Solaira

    dang it, i won't be able to stand in line cuz i start work that day! XD

  • Namoi

    i love the zelda mangas. I have 9/10 because the 10th wasnt in stock. I just finished Oracle of Ages and now have nothing to read. They are really well written!