Some of the biggest complaints about Twilight Princess have been about the bosses. They’re too easy, they’re too generic, they’re too slow, etc.

Well, if you think you can do better, here’s your chance! Nsider2 is holding a contest on their own site as well as here on Zelda Universe. It’s called Design a Boss and basically asks users to submit original boss concepts for a Zelda Game. Oh, and did I mention that there will be prizes?

So how do you enter this contest? Well you pretty much just submit your work in this thread, where you can also read the rules and so forth. If you’re a member of Nsider you may enter the contest there.

We all hope to see a lot of inspiring ideas. If you’re really lucky, some Nintendo spy might see it, steal your idea and put it in the next game without giving you any credit whatsoever!

Again, the thread is here.

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  • horhe

    oooh man sweet deal dude maybe my idea for porksausageman will finally be put through

  • ogichiichigo

    Amazing, this is definitely what I've been waiting for, a good challenge. And good luck with porksausageman, I'd vote for him.

    • ogichiichigo

      Cool! I'm finally done. It's a bit humanoid, but looks pretty good. Not winning first place, but maybe 3rd.

      • ogichiichigo

        nevermind, everyone else's looks way better. Crap.

  • The 10th RIder

    I have an Idea, it's turning out quite nice.

    • The 10th RIder

      You can now see it in the topic ;), and I'm working on another

  • transgender zelda

    think I should enter the contest?


    Really? Sure they were easy as hell, but the bosses were the main redeeming feature for me in that game. They were amazing.

    • The 10th RIder

      They were Epic and Fun (at least the dessert boss), but they were WAY to easy (I beat the whole game without dying)

      • sagdashin

        yeah easy as hell. nintendo shud make bosses at the same level as in OOT and MM(for me those bosses are to easy too..), and make the gameplay as difficult as MM (MM is difficult the first time for every1, expesialy for newbies. for old zelda players its good for a little more challenge than zelda games that are so dead easy that you get bored most of the time like TP.

  • Il Caso

    Maybe an original choice for a zelda boss could be Chtuluh!

  • The 10th RIder

    The only Zelda games I've played with hard bosses were the original and aLttP.

  • transgender zelda

    haha, careful with that one, thats all I got to say… hehe, btw… get rid of the y and shorten the h… guess what you get, lol
    that get the vibe of difficulty out? haha