I dont think a lot of you are aware, but there is a whole bunch of incredibly talented people (besides me, of course) on ZU. You may also not be aware of the fact that there is a monthly art contest going on in the art & writing forum.

Well, just recently the results of this contest were posted and I want to share some artwork with you. The theme for this month was “heroes”, be it your everyday hero, the famous Superman or Heroes the TV show. I myself took part, but I guess my work was just too good to be anywhere near the top. Actually I think I came last…

Anyway, if you want to see the runner-up and winner of this contest, just keep reading!


“Heroes” by HitokiriChibi


“Fox McCloud” by Eternal Legend

Amazing, simply astounding, both of them! Let’s hope next month’s contest will be just as good! If you want to take part of the art contest, stay tuned and visit our forums!

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  • ogichiichigo

    Man, I should try out. I could do something pretty good too.

  • Chesterton

    ZU is putting more and more crap into the "news" on the front page. Most of this stuff isn't news at all, or even worthy of an article, really. Including this.

    • Jimbo9

      Nobody's saying that this is Zelda news. This is site news, based on a competition held by the ZU members. If ZU having/encouraging a community traumatizes you so much, you're free to go somewhere without one. Site updates are just as much part of a site as news.

      That probably isn't your problem, though, since I saw you whining over at the newspost about Google adding hidden triforces to all their logos too. I'm assuming you just want big news, like the announcement of a new game, to be posted, but those don't happen all that often and so most of the news is of less importance.

      • Chesterton

        No, I'd like gaming news in general, if nothing else. My problem is that the site seems to have made the transition from 'news' to 'insignificant forum news' without any official announcement thereof. Plus, the article about the google triforce is literally moot considering there was a thread about it in the forums.

        Don't insult me because the main site's news posting team isn't posting news. In fact, there are much more capable members already here who aren't on the news team, who do a much better job at finding it. This has been a problem of mine for a while.

        • Jimbo9

          They need an announcement every time they post site news instead of gaming news? That announcement is already there, in the form of it being shown as being in a different category specifically for site news.

    • Hombre de Mundo

      Would you rather read nothing? :O

  • If I had known the contestants ahead of time, I would have had no doubt EL would have won. Her stuff is amazing.

  • Wow, that Fox is really good. You can even see the fur texture on his head. Brilliant.

  • ogichiichigo

    Okay, really. This is a site, and thus they give news about the site. If you really care that much that they also give a little extra info on stuff other than Zelda (which by the way, I enjoy, it's nice to have a website that updates almost everyday about something worth while) then leave. This is for art, and what you think about it, not complaints.

  • Cody

    If you have some interesting gaming news, feel free to use the "submit news" button. Jason is currently undertaking his exams and my exams are in ~1 month so we really have to focus on some other things at the moment, but Jason will be free again in just a week or two and will be able to flood us with gaming news again. 😛

  • pwn

    this website should get a new url – fail.com