I dont think a lot of you are aware, but there is a whole bunch of incredibly talented people (besides me, of course) on ZU. You may also not be aware of the fact that there is a monthly art contest going on in the art & writing forum.

Well, just recently the results of this contest were posted and I want to share some artwork with you. The theme for this month was “heroes”, be it your everyday hero, the famous Superman or Heroes the TV show. I myself took part, but I guess my work was just too good to be anywhere near the top. Actually I think I came last…

Anyway, if you want to see the runner-up and winner of this contest, just keep reading!


“Heroes” by HitokiriChibi


“Fox McCloud” by Eternal Legend

Amazing, simply astounding, both of them! Let’s hope next month’s contest will be just as good! If you want to take part of the art contest, stay tuned and visit our forums!

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