The mailbag for April 22, 2009 is contained within:

Maverickk writes:

I know it was thrown out there that there is the new fodder of fans crying “Where is my Zelda Wii?” but my own personal opinion is why fans think there should be a new Zelda by now. Do people forget there was a day and age when we waited 7 years before OoT? Don’t you guys feel like gamers are becoming more impatient? A curse of the internet society, where everything comes so instantly. Where do you guys stand? DO you feel Nintendo should release the next home console Zelda asap? Or take their times and create the next memorable game (something fresh hopefully) ?

James writes:

I agree with you that I believe that people aren’t appreciate of what these developers are doing and are used to instant gratification due to the internet and society today.  I believe that the developers should take their time to create the best game they are able to, but the same time not take forever (like 7 years, but that was a different circumstance).

ChainofTermina writes:

Do you know when ST is gonna be released?
please be a little more specific than “later this year”
also, is it true that Nintendo announced that all their future hand held releases will be cell Shaded? cause that doesn’t work to well on the DS.

And I Know this is sorta taboo “ohmygod I don’t ven wanna think about it” but what if they did make a Futuristic Zelda game? what do you think it would be like (the game, not how people would react.)

James writes:

There was no exact date set for release.  We were just given later this year, which more than likely will be in November to coincide with the holiday rush.  I have not read anywhere that all future handheld Zelda’s will be cel-shaded, I just think that is the way they want to make those games at the moment.  I don’t know how a futuristic Zelda game would be like, never really thought about it.  I think I like the series as it is.

Mark writes:

Hi ZU! I was wondering if we know for a fact that the zelda team is working on a zelda game for the wii. I know they said they were making anohter zelda game a while back, but how do we know they were not talking about Spirit Tracks?

James writes:

At E3 2008, Miyamoto stated that a new Wii Zelda game was in the works.  I highly doubt that they would say that and then come back to showcase a DS game instead.

Valhelm writes:

Is Spirit Tracks definitley going to be played on a DSi cartridge?
When I first saw the trailer, I assumed, due to the abruptness of its announcement, that it was a Dsware game.
I haven’t seen anything for that, though.
Is there proof that it will be played on a cartridge?

James writes:

According to us, the game will be compatible on all versions of the DS, including DS, DS Lite, and DSi.

So, if the game is compatible for all versions of the DS, then it more than likely is a cartridge, no?  If it were DS Ware, then you could only play it on the DSi.

Sam writes:

If you ask me, Spirit Tracks looks FAR too similar to Phantom Hourglass; I know that Nintendo arn’t exactly stangers to milking the earth from their products, but is their avaricious attitude finally leaking into the franchises that have for so long remained of immacualte quality whatever Nintendo’s demeanor? It many seem like a harsh accusation, but it was what immidiatly sprang to mind both when seeing that first trailer, which showed nothing new, nothing innovative, nothing but the previous game with a train, and then again when I hear rumours that there will be DSi only content on the game. I appriciate that Nintendo is a buisness, but Zelda and Metroid have never been quite as expolited as, say, Mario, so don’t try and put my mind at rest and urge me to have faith in Nintendo, but give me an honest opinion; will Zelda now be driving the corperate money train.

James writes:

I don’t think that you should be let down after one trailer.  Yes, the game looks VERY similiar to Phantom Hourglass, but we are all in the dark when it comes to how it plays.  Besides, there were a lot of people out there that believed that PH was a very good game, which is probably why it looks and plays the way it does.

I also highly doubt that Zelda could ever become as “exploited” as Mario.  Mario is a more family friendly character, which is why Nintendo has sent Mario down the sports, party, and children friendly games path.  Zelda is a more “darker” toned series, therefore couldn’t end up that way.

I would say wait on more trailers and gameplay aspects before you put off Spirit Tracks as Phantom Hourglass lite.

Gerudude writes:

Like every one else I was looking forward to the next zelda.
Now I do not have a DS or DSi. I just don’t like the graphics and features on those things.
I do have a wonderful Wii.
I bet there are a lot of people in the same situation as I am. And who are also big Zelda fans.

But no release on the Wii really hurts.
Not only are most DS games really childish, but now, Link has become childish aswell AGAIN!
Yeah it’s the kid from WW and PH.
But a lot of folks appreciate the more mature Link.
As I said before, we probably have to wait for a Wii-2.

James writes:

As I stated before, the Zelda team is working on a Wii Zelda title, so I wouldn’t worry about not getting another Zelda on the Wii.  There are still fans of the WW/PH Link and the those two games, which is why you have seen ST first.  It also might be that way to hype up the Wii Zelda more.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Din writes:

With spirit tracks on the horizon, it looks as if new items are on the way. So, I’m jumping the gun a bit early here, but what items do you think will make their triumphant return?

James writes:

You know what would be cool to see in this game, would be the Mirror Shield.  That would make for some unique puzzles in the dungeons (I think anyway).  After playing ALttP lately, I think a couple of magic rods would be cool, along with the Hookshot.  Other than that, I don’t know what else couyld be added in this game.

timexpo writes:

I don’t know what spirit tracks is going to be like (no matter what I’m getting it tho its still zelda) but in my opinion the hand held zelda games are loosing what i think made them great in the first place. I would much rather play one of the gbc games then the gba or ds(i). what do you (whomever) think about these games?

James writes:

I love Link’s Awakening because it was the first Zelda game I truly played and finished, so those have a small place in my heart.  The Minish Cap plays like the older Game Boy games, so that game was great.  The Oracle games are unique and play almost exactly like Link’s Awakening, so they are great.  Phantom Hourglass is a different experience and feels like the Gamecube game it is sequeling.  I have no problem with any of the Handheld games.

HylianShadow writes:

1. Don’t you think that Epona should come back into one of the games soon? Also, I kinda’ want the Zoras (not the River Zora enemies) to appear in one of the upcoming games too. What’s your opinion?

2. What do the sages do on Ocarina of Time when their not talking to or helping Link?

3. I’m new to ZU and I’ve been wondering how to make polls on the forums. Could you tell me how?

James writes:

1. Epona was in Twilight Princess, and that was two games ago.  I think they hold Epona to Console games, so you will more than likely see her in the next Wii Zelda game.  Zoras were also in Twilight Princess, so you will more than likely see them again in the Wii Zelda game.

2. They play Parchisi.  Or Badminton.

3. Create a new thread.  Scroll down and look at the options.  One of the options is “Post a Poll.”  Decide how many options you want and then submit the thread.  It will load the Poll settings after that.

Midna’s 1# Fan writes:

Honestly, I think the train is awesome. I’ve always wanted to ride a train in Zelda. I really don’t see what everyone hates about it. Steam boats and steam powered locomotives were invented around the same time, so it makes trains the next logical mode of transportation. So why is it every one is so confused by the train?

James writes:

They are really confused about the train, they are upset about the train.  They don’t want another horrible transportation option like the boat in WW and PH.  They want to be able to roam the open world, rather than have to just control a train the entire time.  I am half in that boat (no pun intended), because I would love to have a nice, huge, open world to roam.

ChainofTermina writes:

Are the graphics of the DSi any better than the DS lite? Not that I think that matters, just wondering.

James writes:

More than likely, no.  The only thing that was added is the camera and the DSware.

Nathan writes:

hmmm well as the hours before my DSi arrives slowly crank by I was thinking and don’t you think it would be awesome if the DSi store started selling gameboy and Gba games like the wii has the virtual console I dunno this may be completely irrelevant but I dunno the site has recently covered much about the DSi so i though I’d give my input

James writes:

If the system is going to get rid of the GBA slot, then it would make sense to do so.  However, I don’t know how big those files will be and how many SD cards you would need to do so.  But, I don’t know.

Joslyn writes:

Do you think they will come out with anthor game like twilight princess? i sure hope they do!

James writes:

More than likely.  It would make sense that if Spirit Tracks will be Celda that the Wii game will be more realistic.  We will just have to wait and see.