Will Spirit Tracks be compatible with my DS? This has been a big issue for many after seeing the LoZ:ST trailer on a DSi. Many do not want to get a DSi right after getting a DS or cannot afford to get one but want to play the game.

Does it mean we all have to get a DSi in order to play this new game? As of now, no.

Nintendo has stated officially on their website that LoZ:ST will be compatible on all DS types (DS, DSLite, and DSi):

The new The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game that Iwata announced will utilize the intuitive touch control of Phantom Hourglass in an all new adventure that will please longtime Zelda fans while keeping the game accessible to all DS owners.

You will be able to play Spirit Tracks but depending on what DS type you have, you will have to shop for your game format accordingly. According to JC Feltcher at joystiq.com

At Nintendo’s GDC panel on the DSi’s design, Project Leader Masato Kuwahara revealed a bit of news regarding DSi software. that will either terrify or thrill you based on the status of your DSi preorder. Two new types of DS cartridges are on the way: “DSi Cards,” which will only work on the DSi, and “DSi Enhanced Cards,” which work on all DS systems, but will have extra features when played on a DSi.

Soon we will see the transition of regular DS cards to DSi and DSi Enhanced cards just like when the DS cards came along with Game Boy Advanced cartridges. Loyal Nintendo fans, start saving your money for a DSi if you haven’t done so already. In the meantime, keep that older DS around.

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  • Z-MAN7

    Oh this is just great…I thought DSi was going to be just another DS model. How much you wanna bet Zelda: Spirit Tracks is going to have features and content only accessible on the DSi? If that happens then you'll have to have the DSi to get the full experience. Well I guess I better start saving up.

  • Alex

    Thankfully the DSi isn't the most expensive console on the market today.

    I have never owned a DS, but seeing the trailer for the new Zelda title, I think I might just buy one =)

    I wish the new Zelda was for the Wii though, we need a new Wii title =/

  • ChainofTermina

    We need A Wii title.
    when will people get it into their heads?
    TP is NOT an official Wii title.
    but yeah, this is kinda good news I got a DS lite and i see no difference from the normal DS (but that could be because I don't have one)
    One reason why I don't like hand helds very much is because I barely ever use them. They run out of batteries to fast and too often. to be perfecly honest, I don't even knoe where my PH is.
    so I am SO not getting a DSi

    • Gerudude

      I couldn't agree more. See my comment below.

  • keimori

    oh please, the DSi is'nt senifganly difernt enough to to consitute my buying of it, if it were truely new then yes,but seince my old ds still works, i'll be useing it thank you.

    • i second that as much as possible. (the idea, not the spelling errors)

  • themaverickk

    I don't reallly want to get a DSi, but seeing as how they are creating exclusive content in the form of games and so forth for it it may be worth the trouble of getting. The truth is I really don't need a GBA player in my DS, since well I have Game Boy player connected to my GCN, and I have two GBA SP's.

    So really upgrading to the DSi for complete DS access to all future games should be what I desire. It's just I feel a little bad making the switch simply because I won't be able to transfer Pokemon from my Fire Red to Pearl anymore… as well I won't be able to play the special stages in Mega Man ZX…

    Because Nintendo went and made games have exclusive content with GBA – DS compatibility. So now sadly you have two types of DS carts floating around there… ones with special features if your DS has a GBA slot, and one that has special features if you have a DSi.

    It's a case of not being able to have your cake and eat it too… what a bummer.

  • calc84maniac

    Eh, this doesn't seem any different from Link's Awakening DX, which was backwards-compatible with GB, but had an extra optional dungeon on GBC. I don't really hear any complaining about that. =P

  • hylianhero5249

    I sold my DS late last year, before I heard of the DSi. Then I got sad when I heard about Spirit Tracks. But hey, I'm preordering a DSi today, plus Rhythm Heaven! So I guess I will get Spirit Tracks. GO DSi!!!

  • Gerudude

    Amen to ChainofTermina. Why didn't they release a Wii title. Now I'm compelled to buy a ds or dsi just to play the next zelda game. And I am not spending that much money for just one game.
    I find the rest of the ds games rather childish. I mean games about raising cats or dogs?? Simanimals?? Come on!

    As I have said before in previos comments, there is ussually one zelda release for each new platform (not counting the handhelds).
    exeption for the GC. So us non-handheld players will have to wait until the Wii 2 arrives.
    Im now seriously considering exchanging it for a ps3.

  • Final fantsay

    well the dsi looks prety cool I might buy one scince my cousin droped mine on the floor It might be worth it you might be able to do somthing else that you couldn't do on regular ds's

    But I heard that the DSI is 159.99

    • Gerudude

      Is that Euros or Dollars or what? If Euros , than it's only 9 euro more expensive than the normal DS. Which is quite reasonable I think.

      • Dollars. The DS phat and DS Lite are $139.99, while the DSi is supposed to be like $179.99 (or that was the U.S. Dollars equivalent of how much it was released in Japan last year).

    • Final fantsay

      in American dollars it is 159.99 I think

    • i've dropped my DS, didn't hurt it at all.
      he must of thrown it.

  • Scott

    DSi does have a few interesting features on it. It's not JUST a smaller DS. There's a little camera, and I think it might have motion things on it (don't quote me on that, I don't recall).

  • Link5586

    Meh… I dunno… I'm keeping my old DS (phat), while probably getting a DSi. When the time comes I'll figure out how I wanna go about doing that…. Figured they might do something like this though… I mean OoS/OoA were that way… play em in a GBC… nothing special. Put them in a GBA, you get a GBA shop. I might just get the enhanced version so I can play it on my DS phat. If I want the extras, toss it into my DSi.

  • It's two cameras are only as good as a cellphones. And while it does have DSiWare and now supports WPA (the only reason I can't get my Lite to connect to my router), it also has a shorter battery life (by 2 hours), no GBA slot, and is more expensive.

  • a ds version of wiiware , cellphone-quality cameras, and shorter battery life are not good enough to get a new DS. i'll keep my DS lite with a DS slot, GBA slot and non-shorter battery, thank you.

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