The video, carefully composed by friend of the site TSA (one of several people who worked to bring you the OoT Japanese Promo Guide), runs through the Spirit Tracks trailer and describes possible new features, plot points, and controls that will be prevalent in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Have a look after the break!

This video will also be placed in the Spirit Tracks Videos page. Remember to keep checking back for more Spirit Tracks info as we get closer and closer to release time.

  • I'd bet the whistle either summons a new phantom, or calls it to Link.

    • Yeah. I'm pretty sure it only appears if you are not fighting the same enemy as the Phantom, and then its purpose is to call over the Phantom to fight the same enemy as you.

  • Yorgos

    this is a must
    as a Zelda uber-fan, i must have it

    when i saw the name i prayed for a new Wii game, but… damn, nvm, its still amazing

  • GanonLives

    Wait.. .. a bit off topic but TSA is aline? I thought he was dead hahaha.

  • Links#1 fan

    WHEN DOES IT COME OUT?!!! i wanna get it for my B-day will it come out before june 12th????