In a couple of hours, Satoru Iwata will be delivering his keynote speech at the Game Developer’s Conference. Speculation abound as to what all will happen but here is the official synopsis of his speech:

The development of both Nintendo DS and Wii was based on the idea that the videogame consumer base could be broadened if the definition of a videogame — and ways to access games — were viewed differently. The fact that these platforms have been accepted so enthusiastically around the world shows that there is opportunity for developers to stretch the boundaries of what was previously viewed as possible in terms of realizing a creative vision.

To me, it sounds like E3 2008 all over again to push towards making more money by accommodating the casual gamers, but there is hope. Remember, Phantom Hourglass was announced at GDC 2006 with a demo, and we have been told by Miyamoto that the Zelda teams were working on a new Zelda titles.

I’m not setting my hopes too high but I will squee with delight if a new Zelda title is announced. I will keep you posted.

In other conference news, the industry has been addressing ways to keep gamers interested in product in this economic downtime. Games announced include a brand new Duke Nukem trilogy for the DS & PSP,various movie related games like Harry Potter & G.I. Joe, and multigame set for Xbox called Squeeballs. Also, the WiiShop and DSiware shop are also down for maintenance. Could it mean new games and features available or just routine maintenance?


SQUEE! New Zelda title was announced. Go check out the other articles and forum for all the cool stuff!

Rhythm of Heaven for DS will be released in the next 10 days. WiiWare games were also announced and demoed like Rock & Roll Climber where you use the Will Balance board with the Wii remote and nunchuck to rock climb and play a rock song when you get to the top. Moving Memo and Wario Ware Snapped were announced and demoed. Both are going to utilize features of the DSi.

WiiShop and DSiware were down for upgrades. You can now access the SD card directly and it can hold up to 240 titles. High-capacity SD cards are now supported and games from the shop can be saved directly to the card. Even better now, you can launch WiiWare, VirtualConsole, and Wii Channel content directly from the SD card. All are available now. Coming soon, there will be some Final Fantasy games ready for download on the VC.

Wii and DS sales were discussed as well as Miyamoto’s ways of game development.

If you would like to read more details as to what was covered this morning, please check out this blog:—Nintendo-President-Satoru-Iwata.html