I Need a Drink

It seems that soda I just drank hasn’t kicked in yet, I’m still feeling a bit on the near-total-exhaustion side. Well, at least the good news is that we’re about halfway through the game. Or, rather we’re about halfway through the main story. I haven’t even touched most of the side-quests and bonuses in my haste to burn through the game, but trust me when I say they’re worth the look. If I can feel such dedication and individuality about our silent Link with only the main quests, imagine how I would feel if I took the time to see everything in Hyrule!

Hint: I’d probably still feel exceedingly tired.

Moving on from my near catatonic exhaustion, I am certain that everyone remembers the infamous Water Temple. Regarded as the most difficult of all the temples in the game, it has aged well. With its perplexing puzzle structure, hard underwater battles, and lots of spikes, it is responsible for its fair share of dents in the living room wall in the shape of N64 controllers. I will not lie that, for me, it was difficult remembering all the old rooms and it took me some time to get through. Hence the reason I’m up this late. Nonetheless, there are key elements that must be looked at in this temple, most importantly of which is Dark Link.

Dark Link. Why does he exist? No, seriously. Sure, he’s there to keep Link from getting the Longshot, but I have an additional reason for everyone reading to ponder: he’s there to show us how far Link has come. Throughout this story Link is constantly evolving, an excellent sign for any character. We have had a chance earlier to see who Link is through Ruto’s single-mindedness and her transformation through her love of Link, and we see it again here. Here we see Link as we are: completely mute, powerful, and adamant against those who stand in his way.

So why is Dark Link there? To test us? No, everyone knows to use Din’s Fire, or a cheap trick like that when battling Dark Link. He’s not that difficult to beat. No, he’s there to mean something. The point of the Dark Link battle is not to defeat him. Navi, for once is right when she says to “Defeat yourself.” Defeating Dark Link means defeating the person Link was, defeating Dark Link means that Link ascends above and beyond even himself to defend Hyrule. And that means you, the player, do as well.

The most epic aquatic battle every captured through photography: Link vs. Fish!

The most epic aquatic battle every captured through photography: Link vs. Fish!

Oh, and as for the boss… I didn’t realize the tentacle monster was in this game. That guy’s in everything! He’s like the Japanese Samuel L. Jackson. I can hardly see anything Japanese without seeing the tentacle monster, be it video game, television show, or inappropriate cartoon program or comic book. At least Ruto gets over Link at the end…think of what the children would look like.

Actually, you don’t need to think, if you really want to. If you’re lazy like me, you just search for the fan-art. It’s out there… somewhere. Somewhere I don’t go, and don’t condone going. Not at all.

Kids Can Have Caffeine, Right?

I can see the final stretch of this article in sight, almost in the same way that a runner can see the final stretch of his marathon about three miles from the finish line. Given the long, highly tiring trek I’ve been on, I can’t wait for some well deserved rest at the end of this marathon session!

Like me, this filthy hobo wishes for nothing but a dry place to sleep in. And some change.

Like me, this filthy hobo wishes for nothing but a dry place to sleep in. And some change.

Continuing my analysis from where we left off, Link’s headed back to his childhood. I suppose that, after all this time grown up and doing big grown up things like drinking red potion instead of milk and shooting arrows instead of Deku nuts Miyamoto wanted to get up in touch with our roots, so back to kid land I went. Now, the well I’ve always found fun since it’s almost like a return to the nightmare that the game started out with, and it’s nice to remember that, despite how much Link has changed and evolved during the game, there are still parts of him that get a little nervous when he has to confront his fears. He is, after all, still a little bit of a child, even if he has had to grow up to save Hyrule.

So once the Lens of Truth is obtained, the Shadow Temple is ours to venture into. Gothic themes of darkness and evil marinate this Graveyard locale like a well-based turkey, turning it into the perfect horror house. That, and its crippling difficulty level makes it likely to make you wonder if you should shiver or curse vehemently at the images on-screen. Oh, and I suppose it’s a good idea to mention that, for me, this was the hardest boss fight. Absolutely, one hundred percent more difficult. Bongo-Bongo is almost, but not quite, reaching A Link to the Past in terms of difficulty. Almost, but not quite.

Oddly enough, I found the Shadow Temple exemplifying exactly what I had thought of the Adult Arc’s Hyrule: dark and sinister. The Shadow Temple is completely unafraid of anything, it tests the player and submits Link to the true horror of a Hyrule without him for seven years. The temple shows him Ganondorf’s true malice against the land that Link loves and is fighting to protect, and reaffirms his commitment to rescuing the land.

  • Luisa

    Ah, OoT brings so many childhood memories… Best game ever, not only in terms of sentimental value. The storyline and everything, it boarders perfection. Oh how I wish Nintendo would make a remake of this game with graphics in TP style.
    This review is made of pure win, and I admire you for managing to stay awake for so long! But I should also thank you for writing this. It brought back many, many good memories. OoT will last forever.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    hey does anybody remember sinister? no? ok well I’m back and as the name I left suggests I’m going through some “changes” well I will be some time within six months (hmm wonder why I just did that…. oh well…) if anyone thinks they are like me respond to this comment and I’ll get back to you, now then that I’ve weirded a few people out I beleive I can speak for all those individuals of this generation within the community I have entered is that ocarina of time is certainly one of the best video games ever made I’d say second to final fantasy seven and if noone agrees with that I can assure you that sephiroth with the triforce is the most terrifying thing imaginable, though don’t get me wrong ganondorf is an ok villain, and honestly I don’t know who is a better hero in comparing link and cloud.

  • Best game ever made, end of story. Also the game that gave inspiration to the creation of this very website.

  • kate

    the u.s. naruto website is going to start showing dubbed episodes of naruto shippuuden in january!!!!!!

    • so? we’re talking about OoT here, not naruto episodes.

  • Feere Gorone

    A beautifully written tribute to a great video game. As I said commenting on Lefty’s article, I was only four when OoT was released so the first time I played it it wasn’t as difficult as older gamers will remember. Still, it captivated me and entertained me, and it’s one of the best damn games I’ve ever played.
    And kate: What???

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    you know what would be great?
    ocarina of time DS
    come on they did it for ff iv and soon v as expected and as someone in the game hints at so in other words… please nintendo, ocarina DS and maybe majora’s mask or… a link to the past… with ocarina of time’s graphics on the DS… oh so many ideas… (insert maniacle feminine laughter… stupid male form…)

  • Average Gamer

    Barinade’s a tumor, not Jabu-Jabu’s brain.

    Great review, though I really think you should have done this in advance so you wouldn’t lose sleep and have to rush this.

  • King Valhelhelm

    Ah, Pfft.
    Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were better.

    • Teacher

      you fail…
      the wind waker was ground breaking in size and scope but you never really connected with that link and twilight princess was a disappointment. OoT really made the player feel connected to Hyrule, Link, and all his encounters. the story was top notch, and the emotions the game provoked were stunning seeing as it was made in 1998. i just want to say that i disagree with you and your opinion sucks, it isn't valid, and no one cares about your existence anymore. have a nice day.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    HERESY!!!!! I beleive this speacks for anyone who reads your comment, pfft? PFFT? tww is paled in comparison to ocarina now though my ranting may suggest otherwise I actually do have a life so I will not argue and let the other old school gamers rip you into peices (insert maniacle feminine laughter…. stupid male body)

  • Andy

    I just finished reading the review, and I thought it was very detailed and insightful! I used to play OoT when I was little, and reading this brought back a lot of memorable moments, like the death of the Great Deku Tree. Kudos for you! I would also like to note that your humour and extensive use of vocabulary was top-notch! As for the person who said “Pfft”, I’m going to shred you into pieces!!1!!!

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    nicely done andy… ha ha ha (insert maniacle feminine laughter… stupid male body…)…. (yes that is sort of my thing….)

  • tendorphin

    This was a great game, and a great review. The only thing I feel you looked over was the story of the creation of Hyrule. That cinematic was, for me, the point of no return. I have, since about 2 years of age, romped in the lands of Hyrule. However, up until this point, it was just a virtual place on my tv screen. I loved it, don’t get me wrong. I have always been in love with Hyrule, but after seeing the creation. The care the goddesses took to make everything, and their selves that they gave up to give it the life they so desired was immensely immersive for me. The fact that Miyamoto, and the others, went to the lengths to give us this background which was wholly unnecessary to the plot (except for connecting us more with Hyrule, as you have stated) filled me with awe. It was that point which I realized this wasn’t just a story. It was a world which the creators loved, and wished for me to love as well.

  • Have a very happy new year 🙂

  • bidaman

    oh man! you didnt have to walk all the way from hyrule foeld just to get saria's song.. you just have to burn the bomb blocking the way in goron city.. use a deku stick for this and you'd be fine.

  • Zarco

    I am so angry… it won't let me get to any of the other pages! I can't read it- anyone know why/how to fix?

  • Erik

    I'm having the same problem as Zarko… does anyone know how to solve this?

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  • kek12

    This was my favorite game from my childhood and I actually just replayed it recently! Still great! Awesome review!!!!

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