Shut the windows, turn off the lights, lock your children in the closet; not even Zelda Universe is safe from the spooky incoming holiday of Halloween! I know, I messed in my pants too! The top forest scene and bottom ground area have been taunted by the plague of the witches and ghouls! But no worries, it probably won’t spread out of your monitor… Maybe…

Can you spot all the different changes made to the forest scene? For the safety of the challenge, I will not label them in this post, and you might not want to check the comment area beforehand… Oh, and as always, happy brai-erm, “Halloween” from all of us at Zelda Universe (.net, duh)!

  • Wingwright

    Awesome! This site continues to be one of the best looking sites I’ve ever been to.

  • The wolf howling on the mountains in the distance, the witch and the cat at the top of the page, the bats, dead trees, the giant candy corn at the bottom, and the full moon.
    I think that’s all right?
    Anyway, it looks epic!

  • Azerik

    you forgot all the ghost shadows in the trees…I think there is 4 or 5 of those

  • Holy crap, I just noticed the wolf. Derek, you sneaky devil.