The mailbag for October 22, 2008 is contained within:

GKANG writes:

Hey James, the mailbag seems a little empty recently so I’ll participate. So two points – what do you think about the ‘new storage solution’ for the Wii? Personally I think they were just trying to boast something amazing and “better than a HD”, when in reality they had nothing (partly obvious). I think they need to find a faster way to execute from somewhere other than the WiiHD, or release different Wii models (ala XBOX360 and PS3 40GB, 80GB). Secondly, there is a lot of hate for TP in general, but I’m going to talk about the two versions. Do you think it’s worth playing both the GCN and Wii versions? I was thinking of buying the GCN one, just because everything is mirrored – or as the case may be, un-mirrored. Also, I believe you can charge the spin attack, but you loose one item space for Midna?

Anyways, I hope this helps for the mailbag. Good job James (:

James writes:

Thank you for participating. It is much appreciated. I love answering questions, and when you I don’t have anything to answer, it’s kinda lame.

For the storage solution, I think it is a short term solution to a long term problem. We all knew from the beginning that the Wii was not going to hold all of our games and save files, so this will help. Maybe the next solution is a external HD that attaches to the Wii to work just like the XBox. The WiiHD, like you said, seems like it was an obvious thing that should have been there at the beginning. I think they just wanted to release the Wii quicker to get back in the race against Sony and Microsoft.

I personally don’t see the point of having both versions and playing both. If you have a Wii, you play it on the Wii. If you didn’t get a Wii at the beginning and ended up getting the GCN version, you play that. It is the same game and there is very minor differences in both games to warrant playing both.

Thank you very much!

The Goron Moron writes:

Why is it that there is almost zero recognition for Link’s Awakening, OoS and OoA? I realize that ALttP, OoT, MM, WW and PH are great and all that jazz, but these days people are acting like these three handheld games do not even exist.

Link’s Awakening was one of my first LOZ games. (Actually ALttP was my first, but that isn’t the point.) I really liked ALttP and Link’s Awakening had mirrored its gameplay almost perfectly, so I obviously liked that. But that wasn’t all. I had fallen in love with its story and plot. Even the main theme, The Ballad of the Wind Fish, had won me over. Straight from the beginning, everything was mysterious. Even after the game ended, I still had the impression of mystery and suspense, yet I wasn’t left in a cliffhanger either.

OoS and OoA were great too, and I especially enjoyed them as well. Although I will admit that they didn’t have as great as a storyline compared to Link’s Awakening, they still became one of my favorites nonetheless.

No one seems to understand how superior those three handheld games were, and I sometimes find myself wishing that Nintendo could find a way to remake them so that the newer generations can experience the beauty of these games, and that the older gamers can experience them once again. As they always say, the old games are usually the best. But there’s something about those old handheld games that make me the most happiest.

James writes:

Hey, I am with you on the handhelds; Link’s Awakening was truly my first Zelda game that I could comprehend. I played the first two when they came out, but I was only 2 when they did.

You make some really great points on these games. I think Nintendo could have marketed those games better when they came out, but they were mainly marketed to the hardcore Zelda fan (the Oracles games really). To me, the Oracles games were not that great, but they were just as great as Link’s Awakening. I think both of those games should have been separate games and not together like they were. Maybe people can break out their Game Boys and start playing those games again since the old school era is coming back in full force (i.e. Mega Man 9).

Hov writes:

I have been playing the LoZ series of games, off and on, for most of my life. I was a fan of the older NES/SNES games, though I was too young to ever complete any of them. I missed OOT but did end up playing MM, and then did not play a LoZ game until I got a Wii, which sparked my interest again. After completing TP I went on to play OOT and replay MM, LoZ, ALTTP, and AoL. Right now I am about 3/4 of the way through WW, and I have to say I am crushed. I am so bored with this game that I don’t want to bother finishing. Does anyone else feel this way? To me it feels like an entirely new game – like Nintendo wanted to recreate LoZ for a new audience.

James writes:

You weren’t the only one to think that. That was the rage players had when Nintendo announced that Wind Waker was going to be “cartoony.” However, the game came out and it played well, and the new complaint was that the game was too short. The game was marketed for a different audience, but it is still a decent game. Finish the game, it will be well worth your time.

Lionel head writes:

hey need help with any zelda game that your stuck am your guy i can help you in zelda majora mask

James writes:

That’s what we have pages and guides for on this site. We are all set, thanks.

Love_of_Zelda writes:

I have been thinking – what is so attractive about the LoZ series that it carries popularity for 20+ years? Why do fans get “riled up” when they hear or see a LoZ game changed (I’m thinking of the first reactions to WW)? What makes fans get upset when theories (timelines, shippings, etc.) are proved or disproved? Really, what exactly makes fans love this series so much? I hear this same thing from FF fans, but not so much from others. What do you think?

James writes:

It’s basically the appeal. It’s what makes series like Star Wars linger on and book series like Harry Potter so appealing. There is a certain aspect of the game that catches people’s attention and with Zelda, it’s the mix of magical Medieval times and the swordplay of that time as well. It’s doesn’t hurt that the games are usually well done and amazing as well. That’s all really.

Joshua writes:

i was wondering if the skull kid in this one,did he know already know that the mask was evil if so why did he use it

James writes:

Same reason anyone who comes across power uses it: because they can. In the Skull Kid’s case, it was probably more on the idea of revenge. This kid was outcast from his peers because of who he was, that the first chance he was able to gain power to get that revenge, he took it. That would mean that there is a small hint of evilness inside the Skull Kid that allowed him to do so. However, at the end of the game, when Link helps him out, he finds out he was wrong and goes back to the side of good.

Naokohiro writes:

Hello! Myself, being a lover of OoT, MM, and tWW, I have always liked the instruments that you can use to play individual notes with. In tWW, they strayed from the ocarina with the Wind Waker, and it wasn’t much like the other two games. It was sort of like a transition from the ocarina to having no instrument in the future games.

I have found those instruments to be interesting, and I would like to see the Ocarina of Time, or another instrument, come back in future titles. Would you like to see an instrument again in the future, and if so, what would you expect its use to be in a future Zelda game?

I personally think it would be similar to the previous games in use, and maybe the instrument wouldn’t be an ocarina at all. Hopefully, the sequel to TP that might be in the future will have some sort of instrument, since now that Midna is gone, Link needs a new way to teleport. (Of course, there’s alternate ways for that as well.)

James writes:

Well, if you want to get technical, there was an “instrument” in Twilight Princess, it was just very vague and only used six times. I am referring to the Wolf howling. The instrument aspect works in the game, since cell phones don’t exist in those worlds, and it is based on the idea of magic. I would like to see another instrument aspect, but it would have to be well done and similar to the Ocarina.

Hoppy22 writes:

Yah i was just wondering, what’s the latest news on the next zelda game?

James writes:

That’s it’s being worked on and we don’t know when it’s coming, what it’s called, and what it will be like. We will post on the main site if we hear anything.

Tanuki writes:

Hey, my question is: do you know where the name “Nintendo” comes from and how it became to be that name?

James writes:

I refer to Wikipedia a lot, so here is what they said Nintendo means: “the name “Nintendo” means “leave luck to heaven.” Also, if you remember correctly, Nintendo was first a card making company, then a toy company, then to what we know it as. If you want to view the whole thing I just read, take a look over here.

zfan122 writes:

Ha I got a really good question for nentindo and one for you. Where did Bill and Kat get off to?! (Starfox 64) I mean you see them for like three seconds and they’re gone! They’re the best characters in the game! I always wonder why Falco always gets so upset when Kat shows up rofl. My question for nintendo is this. Why hasn’t there been a James Bond, Or a Starfox for the wii yet?! There are so many wii remote motions they could do especially controlling an arwing. (Which has two controllers now if anyone noticed.) For james bond you could do things like holding the c button on the nunchuck pulling it away from the remote, then quickly making a soft pitching motion holding the remote up and down.

James writes:

I, unfortunately, never played Starfox 64, so I really can’t answer that. If someone else can, that would be helpful.

As for the other one, I would believe that another StarFox game is in the works of the Wii, but not so sure for James Bond. Maybe, you’ll see the James Bond game when Quantum of Solace comes out, but not so sure. StarFox would probably be out soon, if not later, in the next year or so.

Sonicvetran writes:

Hey guys in your most recent artical you asked for Ideas for the next zelda game. HELLOOO! I actualy started (but never finished) a fanfic that would make an awesome game! Taking place shortly after Twilight Princess. This story has Link doing his usual dungeon crawling he sets off on an important quest.

We all know that Link is CLEARLY an orphan by now. So instead of the usual “gotta save zelda” gimmick. This “different” story has Link heading off on a quest to find out who killed his parents, and if possible justify them. Around half way through his journy. Link finds out by way of a letter from zelda. That both Ganondorf’s body (Still sitting in hyrule field where you last saw it.) and the master sword have disappeared! Now He’s got a new mission. He must travel to Hyrules exact opposite country Ven-helm. And find out who took ganondorf’s body, what they plan to do with it, and stop it. Of course as usual he’ll continue his original quest as well after finding out that whoever murdered his parents are supposedly from Ven helm.

The only difference in this game compared to the other games in the series (besides the story that is) will be the boss battles. Instead of the painfully obvious weakpoint strategy. The key to completely pounding the boss once and for all is in the environment. Well of course the new “tool” the player will have something to do with it. But it’ll still be a little less obvious. On top of that (Unlike TP) the boss battles will get progressively harder from dungeon to dungeon. The final villain (who SHOULD be a huge surprise to real fans) will impliment the tactics of the bosses before him, similar to the fight with Zant. Which was surprisingly easy once you think about “How” you beat the boss in that particular area.

Soo….. what do you guys think? I don’t know about you or the multitude of hard core fans that reside in these awesome forums. But I smell a hit with this one! Seriously guys, I’m getting tired of simply saving Link’s preacious girlfriend and Hyrule from some idiot warlock who just won’t give up. To me this series is starting to look like the Mario series! *shivers* And we can’t have that now can we?

James writes:

Interesting story idea, but I don’t know how well it might go over on the players of the series to incorporate such an interesting story idea like that. I’ll leave this one open to the people who read this to post their comments on the subject.