As some of you have noted before, the Staff Page was terribly out of date, especially in the Moderators section. I say was because we’ve gone through it and updated it, adding in the details of upwards of 40 staff and former staff members. If you’re looking for info on the new News Managers, you’re in luck – just visit the Staff Page, we even have them!

If you see any other parts of Zelda Universe that are out of date and need updating, be sure to report them (just in the comments here is fine) so that we can get to work on fixing them.

  • Nictel

    And here is the first bug! 😛
    Well sort of, it’s more an annoyance. You can only click the bottom half of the numbers to got to the corresponding page. The top half of the numbers are somehow not click-able.

    Besides that really small issue, nice job!

  • Cody

    That’s strange, which browser are you using?

  • Nictel

    FF3. 🙂

  • zantdarksage

    there’s the obvious clicking the “free wii” and “free wii fit” adverts lead to a page with just the background and a link to the home page. so the problem being they lead nowhere.

  • Wolfen

    Where’s Rain? (insaney) Isn’t he a site staff?

  • Cody

    He hasn’t responded yet :<

  • morval Erasmus

    I am Morval Erasmus and I approve this message.

    *Sly Wink*