Ladies, gentlemen, and muffins, today I saw a very interesting statement made by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto, whom you might all know and recognize as the Golden Boy of Nintendo as well as the creator of our beloved Zelda series. In the interview, Mr. Miyamoto wished to inform the public of his preferential expertise at hardcore, or traditional, games rather than the recent stream of casual games that have been so dominating the industry.

Now, this comes as no surprise to me personally, but it’s also a very important thing to say now, at a time when casual Zelda is threatening to tear apart the community. As Mr. Miyamoto is always involved, on some level be it a designer or director or producer, with each Zelda Nintendo makes, I believe that this statement reassures me as to the new Zelda games in development still being hardcore, even if they shall be trying to appeal to both crowds of gamers.

Oh, and perhaps even more important than the new Zelda game retaining traditional game play elements, Miyamoto indirectly announced Pikmin 3. Excellent.

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  • Twiligh_King11


  • Deospawn

    Nice article, but you might want to change the link. As it is, it has one “http://” to many.

  • Thanks, link fixed 🙂

  • Tonchiki

    That’s funny, I thought Miyamoto’s been saying recently that he wanted to focus more on casual games now. Maybe that’s what he tried, and he didn’t like it as much.

    Whatever, I can’t see this statement being bad for the future, so hopefully Miyamoto brings some of Nintendo back into reason.

  • Ferilink

    My hope has returned a bit 8D!

  • Ando

    PROTIP: Miyamoto announced Pikmin 3 a week ago. 😛

  • vawn08

    Ah! Is this a small, hidden attempt at a “yeah, well, turns out you were right” on the part of Shiggy?

    Thus marks the potential re-turn of the tide.

  • teep

    Nice. For the record though, I never would have left ZU. Even if Zelda did get crap.