Hacking day is almost behind us now, and to commemorate ZU’s most creative hackings yet (Zelda Universe became “Gardening Universe”), I would like you all to watch this incredible Christopher Walken video:

Read on for the original post about the hacking.

For those who didn’t see (which is probably most of you), early this morning we were hacked and had to restore back to the 22nd of July. If you registered on the forums between the 22nd and this morning, you may have to re-register.

On the brighter side of things, I was able to use the downtime to upgrade the server software, which should make ZU slightly faster and more secure. At the risk of that sounding ironic, know that the hackers were not able to infiltrate any of the deeper depths of the server. In fact, they didn’t get in far enough to cause any real damage.

I have local copies of all the newsposts made from the 22nd on, so those’ll be back shortly. Since nothing of dire value was lost, and considering that I got to perform important upgrades that could have brought ZU down anyway, I’ma go ahead and say this was a win-win!

I’ve plugged up the hole that let the hackers in, so it should be smooth sailing from now on. There’s REAL stuff coming today, too, so stick around – ZU isn’t gonna slow down because of a wee hacking.

  • I got a server error for a while, but now I think it's fine.

  • Who the **** is this guy.
    What an ***.
    Is this 4 Chan???

  • No, it’s Jason, and I’m fixing the site.

  • Teep

    I thought I’d gone crazy because this thread was gone from my subscriptions and I couldn’t find it and some private messages regarding that thread were also missing.

  • I was talking about the hacker. I’m wondering if it’s 4 Chan.
    Thanks for fixing the site Jason. I wasn’t talking about you. I feel bad you have to fix all the stuff this guy messed up. What a jerk this hacker is.
    Anyway, thanks for fixing the site.

  • Average Gamer

    4Chan’s been down for days due to a DDoS attack, so unless they organized this ahead of time or on a different board, it probably wasn’t them.

  • Really? Heh. However, they could have organized it on another board out of boredom while their site was gone.

    Either way, it’s not important. Nothing they ever do means much anyway, since it has no real damaging effect on the site. And while I can’t figure out how they made those edits to the header, I’m not that code-savvy, so Scotty will most certainly be able to figure it out when he wakes up if I do not.

    We’re gonna recreate all the newsposts that got deleted, too, so no harm done. 😀

  • Someone said it was Ebaumsworld.

  • Hrm. Site is fixed except for one thing (error message on the side, a warning note).

    I don’t think this was the hackers’ doing. See, I used the downtime to perform critical server upgrades that would have brought ZU down anyway. So, it was a win-win – I have all of ZU’s newsposts saved, and the forums will be fine, AND I got to upgrade the server.

    Sounds like the start of a good day!

    Anyways, those updates seem to have made the admin panels turn up a 404 error, meaning it’s most likely an issue with the upgrades I did. I’ll be troubleshooting them and then putting back all the old newsposts and mailbags, then I’ll make a larger announcement.

  • Seablue

    Maybe you’d like to take care of ZW. All we get is an internal server error.

  • I’m calling the server guys about it right now, Sea ;)… don’t worry baby, daddy will take care of you :B

  • Seablue

    God Dammit Jason, get it UP!

  • Tis now up.

    Now working on some errors that won’t let me edit and add posts to the WordPress. I’ll have stuff up within an hour most likely, if not less.

  • Z-MAN7

    Yeah I deceided to do a little peeking at my threads late last night and I found that chaos had ensured. Man.. some people have no life, instead they’d rather hack and ruin others’ lives. Anyway good job Jason, you handled the probelm pretty good.

  • Aw man… why’d you get rid of the muzak?

  • Son of Mido

    Does this have anything to do with Uncle Chan the gardener? >.>

    I lol’d at that.

  • Feere Gorone

    Did you guys find out who did it?

  • For those curious why the site is looking crappy right now: It’s NOT a hacker. We’re having some server troubles with the upgrades I did. ^^;;

  • Jess

    I dont appreciate that one of my favorite website that i donated too gets fucked by someone here the email that i got!!!

    zelda universe taken over
    Sunday, July 27, 2008 1:10 AM
    [email protected]


    irc.partyvan.fm #insurgency

  • SkullKidX

    shoot again, any Idea as to who it was this time (channers maybe)….. were any post deleted? if so how many?

  • Twilight Kitty Overlord

    Maybe it’s just me, but all I can see on the home page is text. The forums work fine though. I’ll try messing with my internet to see if it’s just me

  • Xlr8

    So that would explain why the format is different.

  • ℓєяσ¥

    Nah, that’s how it is at the moment. i’m sure the skin will be up again pretty soon =D

  • The skin should be back up within twenty minutes, if not much less. It’s a server issue, completely unrelated to the hacking. Hacking is over and caused minimal real damage.

  • Twilight Kitty Overlord

    Ah good.
    Well congrats on taking care of it so quickly. It’s nice to know that the hackers counldn’t cause any real damage.

  • Xlr8

    On my computer, the format is still just a white page with text.

  • Riddle_Box

    I’m guessing the hacker was someone from Ganon’s Tower or another Zelda site.

  • No, the hacker was not from another Zelda site.

    Also, I don’t know what’s taking the server guys so long. I asked them to fix it two hours ago – I’ve been trying to reach them to find out what’s up without response. I’m getting angry.

  • Midna&hearts

    ?! That may be, but isn’t that website on the ZU friends list? I find it highly unlikeley. This had to be done inside of ZU. Whoever did thin needs to show themselves instead of being a coward and hiding in the shadows! Show yourselves! If you don’t I’ll find out who it is and tell the moderater! And THAT’S a promise!

  • Nictel

    Was this another password=password3 issue? 😛

  • Justin3

    All of the Chans have been experiencing downtime, 7chan just got back on its feet and now 4chan is offline. I don’t think they have much interest in ZU at this point as their home layer is down. More then likely an elite hacker or Ebaumsworld.

  • ChainofTermina

    Maybe it was Gannondorf… ha ha ha

    … yeah Iknow that was corny.

  • Twilight Kitty Overlord

    Justin3 is most likely right. I read that when chan sites go down, the internet experiences many raids. I dont know if that’s true or not, but it seems to fit what happened here.

  • Midna&hearts

    Agreed. Now that why know the reason why, mabey we’ll be able to catch the hacker. All in favor?

  • [quote]I have local copies of all the newsposts made from the 22nd on, so those’ll be back shortly.[/quote] -Jason

    I think I already asked you this Jason, but wanted to double check. There are no local copies of any other posts from the forums, correct?

  • Maybe Channers, maybe Ebaumsworld, or maybe even an inside job…
    Oh well. I guess we will never know.

  • musical zombie.

    Hey, guys.

    Please quit being stupid. You can’t “catch the hacker”. If it was the chans, there’s no way to do anything about it and you’re just going to make them laugh at you even more if you TRY to confront them about it.

    If it’s ebaums, then who cares? Trying to confront them is what they want you to do. It’s for the laughs, and it’s for the lulz. Get outside and do something productive while ZU is down and, when it’s back up, you can go back to your daily routine of checking your subscribed threads every five seconds.

  • Twilight Kitty Overlord

    Woh there…
    Not all people know about the Chans and how they work, and didn’t know that it’s hard to catch them. Even I didn’t know until just recently, so go easy on these people 😛

  • Morval: No. It was more of a lucky shot than anything that I found a local cache of ZU from yesterday on my machine.

  • zeldanerd5

    Man, I wanted to go to the “What am I supposed to do with !,00 cans of soda” thread. Now I can’t!!!

  • morval

    ah, gotcha. I just wanted to be clear.

    That was a lucky cache find though!
    Good job w/ that.