Hacking day is almost behind us now, and to commemorate ZU’s most creative hackings yet (Zelda Universe became “Gardening Universe”), I would like you all to watch this incredible Christopher Walken video:

Read on for the original post about the hacking.

For those who didn’t see (which is probably most of you), early this morning we were hacked and had to restore back to the 22nd of July. If you registered on the forums between the 22nd and this morning, you may have to re-register.

On the brighter side of things, I was able to use the downtime to upgrade the server software, which should make ZU slightly faster and more secure. At the risk of that sounding ironic, know that the hackers were not able to infiltrate any of the deeper depths of the server. In fact, they didn’t get in far enough to cause any real damage.

I have local copies of all the newsposts made from the 22nd on, so those’ll be back shortly. Since nothing of dire value was lost, and considering that I got to perform important upgrades that could have brought ZU down anyway, I’ma go ahead and say this was a win-win!

I’ve plugged up the hole that let the hackers in, so it should be smooth sailing from now on. There’s REAL stuff coming today, too, so stick around – ZU isn’t gonna slow down because of a wee hacking.