I shall call him… Mini-Fierce-Deity! And now, he’ll have a place of honor on my living room shelf.

You know that awesome statue of Fierce Deity Link that you preordered last year? The one whose release date kept getting pushed back while First4Figures kept danging other future statue releases in front of your noses? Yeah, that sexy looking beast below?


Well, it looks like your new statue is probably in the mail right now. Yep, the first statue set for release is now officially available. There were only 2,500 of these statues created, and each of them is numbered for the hardcore collectors. If you didn’t preorder, odds are slim that you’ll get one of the earliest statues, but if you want to get one to show off in your room or something, you can get it shipped to you right now from Play-Asia at a discount of almost 25% – although even with that, you’ll still be paying $100 for the thing.

If you’ve preordered any of the other ones – Skull Kid, Adult Link, or Sheik, you can expect those soon too. Play-Asia is reporting that the first two statues will be released in the second quarter of 2007… which, well, could be anywhere between now and June 30th. Sheik, the statue that became available for preorder a few months ago, will be available during the third quarter of 2007 according to the company’s webpage.

Also, First4Figures has got a Twilight Princess Link statue in the works – and if you go to the front page of their website, they’ve got a poll up that asks you if you want their work to be left-handed or right-handed. Choose your preference there, or just tell them you want them to start producing that statue already!