Eiji Aonuma speaks about Wii Zelda, including the possibilities of more motion controls and the return of Midna…

Last week during the GDC, Eiji Aonuma had an interview with the people of Game Informer Magazine. Over the course of its three pages, he discusses a lot of things, including details about the development of Twilight Princess, the future of Phantom Hourglass, and speculation about Wii Zelda.

According to Aonuma, Phantom Hourglass will devote more storage space to the single-player game, but this just means that Phantom Hourglass’s multiplayer will only have the most interesting maps they can make. It’ll be a selective process, and only the best will survive.

He also drops a few hints about Wii Zelda. Palgn.com.au has a great summary of the Wii Zelda speculation – Aonuma says that it will almost certainly include more ways to use the Wiimote and drops a hint that the popularity of Midna might cause her to show up again in the Zelda series in some fashion.

I don’t know how he’d be able to work her back into the series, but Aonuma’s got one heck of a clever mind.

If you want to read the entire interview, check it out at gameinformer.com

Thanks to FierceDeity for the scoop! <3