There’s some big Timeline Theory ruckus going on in our forums, and it looks likes the Linear Timeline is now pushing up daisies…

Eiji Aonuma said a few pretty shocking things in a recently-translated interview with Nintendo DREAM, Japan’s version of “Nintendo Power”. This interview has been out for months now, but it was only recently that a fan decided to bring it to public attention.

Mgoblue201, a member of our forums, was the first to bring a translation to light for people who don’t know Japanese. The source of the interview is legitimate, the information contained in the interview is straight from Aonuma’s mouth, and it’s all very in-depth and startling.

The most shocking thing of all, for some fans, is the fact that Aonuma, the director of Twilight Princess and one of its head developers, stated that the most recent Zelda game is in a timeline that is “parallel” to The Wind Waker.

For those of you who are out of the loop: There have been two major timeline divisions in Zelda history – Linear and Split. The Linear Timeline revolves around the belief that the entire Zelda series takes place in one long string and that all games can be connected in a single continuous flow of time. The Split Timeline, on the other hand, depends upon a “Back to the Future”-esque look at time. In this situation, the actions at the end of OoT created a split timeline; one path of history takes place in the future after Adult Link’s defeats Ganon, and the other takes place when Young Link returns to the past and goes to meet Princess Zelda.

And now, one of the options doesn’t looks all that likely, as you can see in the interview excerpt below.

Nintendo DREAM: About when is the Twilight Princess timeline set?

Aonuma: In a world some hundred years after ‘Ocarina of Time.’

Nintendo DREAM: And ‘Wind Waker’?

Aonuma: ‘Wind Waker’ is parallel. In ‘Ocarina of Time,’ Link jumps to
a world seven years ahead, defeats Ganon, and returns to the time of
his childhood, right? ‘Twilight Princess’ is a world a hundred some
years after that pacified childhood time.

This translation has already been confirmed by many other fans and sites, including the Japanese expert at The Hylia.

There’s really no use arguing about this, no need to check for a pulse – the Linear Timeline is officially dead.

Check out the original topic here, and feel free to add whatever insight you might have to the 300+ posts that are already there feel free to read the nearly 600 posts made before the topic got locked. The discussion has since moved throughout our entire Zelda Theories section.