At the time of this writing, The Wind Waker is not out yet. But by the time you read this, I will be venturing across Hyrule once more, provided the ‘Cube doesn’t spontaneously explode. I am certainly eager to see what new items Nintendo has come up with for this new adventure, but there are still some old items that I would love to see appear again. In fact, some of these old items have yet to appear in the more fully realized world of 3-D. With that in mind, I have constructed a top ten list. Keep in mind that I am not including on this list anything that I know will definitely appear in the game (like bombs). Since I have avoided spoilers as much as possible, I don’t know the full list of items that will appear in the game. That said, here is my top 10 list of those old items I hope to find as I adventure across the watery world of Hyrule:

10. The Cane of Somaria
Granted, the Cane of Somaria wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world when it appeared in the old games, but it’s a very interesting concept. Probably the only reason I put this on the list is that it has the potential to be quite cool in 3-D. The Song of Time as it appeared in Ocarina of Time was the closest thing to it.

9. Bug Catching Net
I don’t know about you, but I could have a lot of fun with this in The Wind Waker. Imagine chasing down some fast critter with this so you could capture it. Swiping a bottle itself would have the same effect, but it doesn’t provide much reach. Perhaps the Bug Catching Net could be used to hunt down a more skittish creature that normally wouldn’t let you get close enough so you could use your bottle directly.

8. The Magic Arrows
I thought the Fire, Ice, and Light Arrows from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask were a blast, especially the Light Arrows. There’s nothing like pegging some evil creature with a Light Arrow and watching it “burn with light.” I also loved how the arrows could be used in puzzles. Without the Ice Arrows, the Great Bay Temple would not have been nearly as interesting.

7. Bombchu
These motorized bombs are almost too powerful when it comes to fighting slow enemies like the Iron Knuckle, but the puzzles involving Bombchus were enjoyable as long as they weren’t horribly frustrating.

6. Swords that shoot Beams
In the olden days, Link’s sword would fire magic beams if he was at full health. They originally incorporated this into Ocarina of Time, but ended up dropping it. I certainly hope they bring it back for The Wind Waker!

5. Enemy Bait/Scent Seeds
There’s no question that enemy bait would have a positive effect on the level of strategy possible, especially given the greater sophistication of the AI. I daresay that this would be quite a welcome addition to the gameplay!

4. Stone Mask
This mask had its pluses and minuses. I was never one for “stealth missions,” so I certainly appreciated it when I was going through the Pirate’s Fortress. However, the main reason I hope to find it in The Wind Waker is that in some situations it’s great for avoiding hordes of little, easily defeatable enemies that you might not care to bother fighting over and over again.

3. Two-handed Sword
As soon as I had the Biggoron’s Sword, I almost always had it equipped rather than the Master Sword. To me, the length and power of the sword quite outweighed the benefits of a shield. (Then again, fighting with a smaller and weaker sword in the new game could prove to be more fun in that it could force you to always keep your wits about you.) If this is in the game, I hope it looks more like the Biggoron’s Sword than the Great Fairy’s Sword.

2. Bunny Hood
When I played Majora’s Mask, I was almost always wearing the Bunny Hood. It made traversing wide spaces so much quicker and leaping over large gaps so painless. When fighting many of the tougher enemies, it was invaluable. This is one item that I would love to see make it back into The Wind Waker, even if it takes a different form.

And the number one old item I’d like to find in The Wind Waker is . . .

1. Magic Powder
Imagine. Little mischievous Link sprinkling magic powder on everyone and everything to see what amusing things it turns them into. I would love that, especially with the game being cel-shaded. Unfortunately, it might take a bit too much time and money for Nintendo to work on, so I would be quite surprised if they put magic powder in the game. But I can always hope!

On an unrelated note, I was listening to The Wind Waker soundtrack recently and noticed that one of the songs had a didgeridoo (an Australian Aboriginal instrument) playing in the background. How cool is that!

What items are you most hoping to find in the new game? If, for one reason or the other, you aren’t absorbed in a certain “little” adventure, feel free to drop me a line at articles@zeldauniverse.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell me your thoughts.