valley of the flood
Looking back at The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood
By on February 4th, 2012 79
Depending on how long you’ve been following Zelda news on the Internet, you may or may not remember a supposed game known as “Project Deluge,” or “Valley of the...
Mailbag: Jason Hearts Steampunk Zelda
By on February 27th, 2011 25
[youtube]7KhYsxynY_M[/youtube] In this week's mailbag, Ganon finds a way to come back before he's born, and Jason begs Nintendo for a steampunk Zelda title like Valley of the...
Delving into the Deluge: The Next Zelda?
By on July 9th, 2008 121
Before I begin this article, I would first like to clarify that what I am doing right now is reporting on a rumor. That is to say, like everything else on the Internet, this...
“Project Deluge” May Be Next Wii Zelda
By on June 30th, 2008 106
Is it true or is it fiction? Recent rumors are surging through the internet about a new Zelda game which will be announced at E3 2008. The presently titled Project Deluge or...