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Another Zelda alphabet cracked, Gerudo font made available
By on January 7th, 2012 24
The concept of Hyrule having languages and alphabets of their own has actually been a staple in the Zelda world for quite some time.  A Link to the Past was technically the...
Skyward Sword’s Hylian alphabet fully translated,font provided
By on January 3rd, 2012 44
Since early screenshots were released showing this brand new form of Hylian, Zelda fans have been hard at work translating it. Hyrule Historia says that the alphabet was "too...
Zelda Universe Mentioned in Swedish Magazine
By on June 16th, 2010 4
It's not every day that we get some print publicity - nor is it every day that we feel flattered by the mention. Famous Swedish web design magazine Cap&Design ran an article about...