Princess Zelda’s Study: As seen on TV
By on January 8th, 2019 0
Inspiration comes from all over, and it’s no surprise that many television creators have been inspired by The Legend of Zelda. The franchise serves as a base for many fantasy...
Princess Zelda’s Study: The legacy of Zelda’s Lullaby
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“Zelda’s Lullaby” has always been my favorite Zelda song. Not only is its melody sweet and memorable, but it connects each game in a unique way. From A Link to the Past...
Did You Know Gaming? delivers a treasure chest of trivia for Breath of the Wild
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Zelda has been covered extensively by the fact-finding blog/video series Did You Know Gaming? over the years, leaving no patch of grass uncut and no breakable pots intact in their...
20 Interesting facts that you may not know about The Legend of Zelda
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The Zelda series has a storied and colorful history. The original game in particular contains tons of secrets and hidden goodies, and a lot of trivia exists surrounding the game's...
“Video Game Leftovers” explores the cut content from A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening
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If you're a trivia fan, you're more than likely aware of the website Did You Know Gaming?, which has very quickly reputed itself as the central hub of video game facts with the...
8 Zelda facts that will make your head spin
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Every big media project, be it a movie, a video game or a popular TV show, has its own mythology and a gold mine of rejected ideas, concept art and plot turns. Zelda franchise is...
Catch even more trivia goodness in Did You Know Gaming: Zelda Part 3
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Did You Know Gaming is on a roll with their video content lately. Just last week we saw the second iteration of their Zelda trivia series, and now they’re back with a Part...