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Top 10 side quests in Majora’s Mask, featuring TrailerDrake
By on February 15th, 2015 0
Everyone has their own fond memory of Majora's Mask, and for me, the side quests have always been the most memorable part of the game. In anticipation of the recently released...
Top 10 Zelda games countdown by GameTrailers
By on December 14th, 2013 0
We all have a list of our favorite Zelda games. Our favorite Zelda games are those that have had a large impact on us, be it as a gamer or on a more personal level. Compiling a...
Top 10 Lamest Zelda Items
By on September 18th, 2013 57
You open the chest. You deliver the final item of the quest. You slay the ferocious mini-boss, prompting the classic fanfare to ring. You know you're in for something good....
A Link to the Past Tops Chart
By on August 31st, 2010 11
[caption id="attachment_18203" align="alignright" width="256" caption="Finding Zordiana in a forest."][/caption] Beloved SNES masterpiece A Link to the Past won top honors...