Tatsumi Kimishima
Nintendo is planning to produce feature films in the near future
By on May 18th, 2016 5
It seems like there's plenty of gaming franchises making the leap to the big screen this year. Hot on the heels of Ratchet & Clank and Angry Birds: The Movie, we've...
Kimishima says Nintendo are serious about mobile gaming
By on May 9th, 2016 0
With the recent success of Nintendo's second mobile game, Miitomo, and the announcement of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games on the way, it's clear to see that Nintendo are...
Kimishima comments on NX, states importance of solid software line-up
By on May 4th, 2016 3
As all of us know by now, the NX was finally given a release date, and also the unfortunate news that it will not be shown at this year's E3 conference, leaving many fans with...
Kimishima talks about Nintendo’s mobile goals and other plans
By on February 12th, 2016 1
In a financial briefing, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima answered an investor question about how the Wii U and 3DS would factor into the next financial period. While most of...