soul calibur V
Here’s another SoulCalibur V custom match featuring Ghirahim and Groose
By on April 9th, 2012 11
A few days ago we posted about a SoulCalibur V custom match composing of a fight between Link and his shadow, Dark Link. YouTuber goodbye18000 has quite a few videos of custom...
Link and Dark Link battle in SoulCalibur V
By on April 5th, 2012 10
The SoulCalibur series is much like Nintendo's Super Smash Bros games in that you brawl with your opponents and the last man standing is crowned the winner. Gaming Youtuber...
Link and Zelda duke it out in SoulCalibur V
By on February 6th, 2012 39
The SoulCalibur series is a fighting game collection very similar to the popular Super Smash Brothers series. Our hero Link has appeared in a cameo in the GameCube version...