It takes 57 minutes to cross Hyrule corner to corner in Breath of the Wild
By on March 26th, 2017 8
Breath of the Wild boasts having an insanely big map. In fact, before the game's launch, many used the size of the Great Plateau to estimate the size of Breath of the Wild's...
Aonuma on first-person mode in Wind Waker HD, Skyrim inspiration
By on September 14th, 2013 9
We’re doing our best to report all the incoming interviews from Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma. Just recently, Aonuma spoke with USGamer about remaking The Wind Waker,...
Skyward Sword vs. Skyrim again, both lose
By on January 11th, 2012 42
If you've been a Zelda Universe regular for a while, you may remember that back in December there was a bit of controversy over a joke news post that appeared on the site while...
Skyrim mod for Link and Navi appearance
By on December 15th, 2011 25
There has been a lot of comparison (and tension) between Skyward Sword and Skyrim in recent months.  They're both long-awaited releases for two of the most popular series in all...
On Skyrim vs Skyward Sword
By on December 5th, 2011 54
So earlier today we posted about the latest G4TV poll pitting Skyward Sword against Skyrim, but controversy seems to have erupted in comments over the apparent claim that the...
Skyrim needs your help!
By on December 5th, 2011 150
As many of you know, G4 is hosting their annual VideoGame Deathmatch in which the top games of the year are put head to head in a vote by fans to see which title truly deserves...