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Zelda News: New Rumor, Ghirahim Glitch, Zelda Pacman
By on February 15th, 2012 4
Midweek news wrap-up video time! This week we cover a new rumor about Retro, Zelda dungeon "Yelp" reviews, a newly found Ghirahim glitch, Pacman Zelda-style, Mario Zelda-style,...
Rumor unfounded, Retro not currently working on a new Zelda
By on January 11th, 2012 6
Retro working on a new, unannounced Zelda title? Not likely--at least not with the available facts. The rumor originated over at NeoGaf yesterday as some fans noticed some...
Retro Studios may work on Zelda in the future
By on December 14th, 2011 27
In a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto,it was once again confirmed that no he is not retiring, and a few other interesting ideas were brought up. Perhaps the most...