Nintendo debuts new official ‘Nintendo Power Podcast’
By on December 21st, 2017 4
Since 2012, many fans may have believed that Nintendo Power was dead and gone. While that may be true in some sense, Nintendo has recently launched a nostalgically titled official...
Welcome to CD-ii Month: Return of Mah Boi
By on March 1st, 2014 5
One year ago, the team here at Zelda Universe decided to spend the month of March celebrating the Zelda CD-i games. As was said at the time, "It is written, the month of March on...
Zelda Universe Podcast: Nintendo’s Financial Drama
By on February 16th, 2014 1
In this latest iteration of the Zelda Universe podcast, Hombre de Mundo, Tessie, and Humulos discuss Nintendo's latest financial drama and break down some of the flaws of...
ZU Podcast: What can we expect from Zelda in 2014?
By on January 20th, 2014 1
It's Zelda Universe Podcast time! In this episode, Hombre, Cody, and Shona discuss what we can all expect from the Zelda franchise in 2014. 2014 is slated to be a busy and...
Zelda Universe Podcast: Nintendo Announces Hyrule Warriors
By on December 24th, 2013 1
Earlier in the week, we looked into the Hyrule Warriors trailer in our trailer analysis video, so as a follow-up, we've recorded a podcast which will cover the game in a bit...
ZU Podcast: We love A Link Between Worlds!
By on December 11th, 2013 0
Have you finished A Link Between Worlds? If so, we have a big ol' podcast for you with Hombre and humulos. Beware of spoilers though; no stone is left unturned and we discuss the...
Zelda Universe Podcast discusses A Link Between Worlds
By on October 8th, 2013 1
The latest Nintendo Direct gave us a slew of new information about A Link Between Worlds, so what better topic to discuss on our podcast? humulos and Erimgard analyze everything...
ZU Podcast remembers Hiroshi Yamauchi
By on October 1st, 2013 0
In the fifth episode of our bi-weekly podcast, we discuss the recent passing of former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi. We also briefly talk about Wind Waker HD, Zelda...
The Zelda Universe Podcast returns!
By on August 26th, 2013 2
After a summer break we're now back with a new podcast! This week, Hombre and humulos are joined by Erimgard (properly represented by Gwonam from the CD-i games) in a discussion...
ZU Podcast: Cody, Hombre and Holly Discuss E3
By on June 21st, 2013 5
Zelda Universe was back to attend E3 again this year, and we have a lot of Nintendo E3 news to cover! Playable demos of A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker HD were...
ZU Podcast: What will Nintendo show at E3 this year?
By on June 2nd, 2013 5
It's time for another ZU Podcast this week! This podcast, Humulos and Erimgard are here to discuss what Nintendo has in store for us at the upcoming E3 convention. While...
ZU Podcast: Zelda difficulty settings, Nintendo Direct, Content ID drama
By on May 19th, 2013 3
The ZU Podcast is back, and this time we've moved to video format and will be uploading all of our podcasts on our YouTube channel! We'll also continue to upload audio versions,...
Now anyone can contribute to the Zelda Universe Podcast
By on January 22nd, 2013 0
Last week we re-launched the Zelda Universe Podcast and for the next cast, we’re going to introduce a new segment by Nate Sylvia (VP of Biz Dev for Pure Nintendo Magazine)...
After a great hiatus, the Zelda Universe Podcast returns!
By on January 16th, 2013 4
Zelda Universe is ringing in the new year in exciting ways! Just last week we released our official t-shirts and today we’re proud to present a totally new installation of the...
Now Hiring: ZUBC Assistant Editor!
By on November 19th, 2010 14
ZUBC is very dedicated. So dedicated we often get a little ahead of ourselves. In order to keep up with the constant content we want to put out, we are looking for an assistant...