Video of our Breath of the Wild PAX Australia panel is now online
By on November 3rd, 2017 0
PAX Australia was held over the past weekend, and for the second year in a row we ran a panel dedicated to Zelda. After discussing the 30-year history of the franchise last year,...
Thank you video from Aonuma to fans debuted during our PAX Australia panel
By on October 28th, 2017 0
Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has recorded a special video message for Zelda fans that was debuted during our PAX Australia panel "Breath of the Wild and the Future...
We’re putting on a Zelda panel at PAX Australia
By on October 9th, 2016 0
If you're headed to PAX Australia in Melbourne this November make sure to clear space in your schedule for the special Zelda panel we'll be running. Cody Davies, David Johnson...
A virtual tour of Nintendo’s booth at PAX Australia
By on November 6th, 2015 0
PAX Australia is the final PAX convention of the year, taking place over the Halloween weekend in the heart of Melbourne’s business district. Overlooking the Yarra River, the...
The Zelda cosplay of PAX Australia 2015
By on November 5th, 2015 3
Thousands of gamers descended on Melbourne, Australia last weekend for the third annual PAX Australia. PAX is a convention for the fans first and foremost, and many of them spend...
Nintendo has made plans to appear at Comic Con and PAX
By on June 19th, 2015 1
E3 is finally over, but that doesn't mean Nintendo is settling down on their public appearances. According to GoNintendo, Nintendo is currently making plans to appear at Comic...
Nintendo is not attending PAX East 2014
By on March 29th, 2014 2
Nintendo has been a regular at the PAX shows. Many of you may remember Nintendo's Wonderful 101 panel last year at PAX Prime in Seattle. With PAX East just around the corner,...
Lots of wonderful Zelda cosplay at PAX Prime 2013
By on September 13th, 2013 21
Dragon Con wasn't the only big convention where Zelda fans came out to play a couple of weekends ago. The US Labor Day weekend also played host to PAX, one of the largest...
Link cosplayer has an Iron Man suit… what now, Ganondorf?
By on July 31st, 2013 12
At the recent PAX Australia event, the worlds of Nintendo and Marvel combined in one cosplayer's unique and very clever costume. Reddit user Bev_McLad uploaded this glorious...
Link tries out a new instrument at PAX EAST
By on April 9th, 2012 8
Someone has spotted Link at PAX EAST but that wasn't the only surprise they found. We know Link has mastered playing quite a few instruments including the ocarina, harp, and pan...
My First Date with Phi
By on August 31st, 2011 40
Warning:  This article contains details about the Skyward Sword demo.  If you don't want to be spoiled, proceed with extreme caution. I’m a little late in getting this...
Skyward Sword available to play at PAX 2011
By on August 23rd, 2011 9
PAX, or the Penny Arcade Expo, is an annual gaming expo that has everything from keynote speakers to game concerts to playable game demos.  This year, for us Zelda fans,...
GameFAQs Poll – Majora’s Mask vs Final Fantasy X
By on December 22nd, 2010 33
[youtube]ad5eisnjVaY[/youtube] As part of their latest poll tournament, GameFAQS is currently at the semi-final of their Game of the Decade contest. Out of 128, only 4 are left,...