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Europe now receiving the Tri Force Heroes demo, plus launch price discount
By on October 15th, 2015 2
Not to be left out, lucky fans in Europe are now receiving Tri Force Heroes download codes via email, after Nintendo of America did the same yesterday. Check your inbox! Again,...
Wave 5 Amiibo European release dates announced, Ganondorf out next month
By on May 12th, 2015 1
The official Nintendo of Europe Twitter has announced the day that Amiibo hunters can expect -- or hope, given the disastrous results of the previous launches -- to get their...
Nintendo attempts to clarify amiibo supply concerns in North America and Europe
By on December 11th, 2014 11
Amiibo have taken the world by storm, and the current supply isn't meeting the demand for these incredibly popular figurines. Have you seen Marth, the Wii Fit Trainer, or even...
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U European release date brought back to November
By on October 31st, 2014 1
Great news, Europe! You can suffer a little less in the wait for the almighty Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as the release date has now been brought back a week sooner. The game...
Europe’s eShop is holding a huge Legend of Zelda sale, Hyrule Warriors included
By on September 3rd, 2014 9
Nintendo knows you're counting down the days until the release of Hyrule Warriors, and for fans in Europe, they have a new promotion that may help satisfy your fix until the big...
Minish Cap heading to European Wii U eShop May 29
By on May 23rd, 2014 11
Following the recent sudden appearance of an official website for the North American version of Minish Cap on the Wii U Virtual Console, the digital release has now been...
Nintendo Wi-Fi service for Nintendo Wii and DS/DSi will be terminated in May
By on February 28th, 2014 11
The Nintendo Wi-Fi service, which provides online functionality for certain Wii, DS, and DSi software titles, will be terminated May 20, 2014. This includes Wii mode on Wii U...
Europe: Additional Zelda 3DS Miiverse communities added
By on February 7th, 2014 0
Look at all that Zelda! Additional 3DS Miiverse communities have been added in Europe, including Link's Awakening DX, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, Zelda II: The Adventure...
The Art Academy: SketchPad Miiverse community A Link Between Worlds drawing event is now live
By on January 24th, 2014 0
Nintendo of Europe has announced on their Twitter that the Art Academy: SketchPad Miiverse community A Link Between Worlds drawing event that was previously announced has...
Zelda musical chest coming to Germany
By on November 9th, 2013 0
Most of you, if not all, should be familiar with the famous Zelda treasure chest which is included in many A Link Between Worlds game bundles and limited edition packages. It...
Wind Waker HD launches in Europe on October 4th, new gameplay footage and “fine-tuned” Triforce quest
By on August 7th, 2013 24
During today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Satoru Iwata announced the European release date for The Wind Waker HD, which is October 4th--one week after the Japanese release....
Zelda Wii Confirmed for E3 and 2010 Release
By on January 31st, 2010 47
To many, this will come as a pleasant surprise—After much speculation, Iwata has confirmed the appearance of Zelda Wii at E3 this year. E3 doesn't start until June 15th so...