NES Remix 2
More details arise for the Nintendo World Championship
By on May 27th, 2015 3
Nintendo announced a couple weeks ago that their World Championship would be making a return. The Nintendo World Championship last made an appearance way back in 1990, and had...
Zelda titles included in Nintendo’s weekly sale
By on January 23rd, 2015 1
The latest Nintendo Direct revealed a plan to bring several generations of games together each week for a 'throwback sale.' This week includes two Legend of Zelda titles, and NES...
European NES Remix owners can get a discount on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U eShop
By on July 21st, 2014 0
If you live in Europe and own NES Remix and/or NES Remix 2, then Nintendo are presenting you with a little surprise, if you're looking for more retro goodness. Until July 31,...
Dark Luigi meets Dark Link in this NES Remix 2 easter egg
By on May 27th, 2014 3
The final boss from Zelda II is one of the most memorable boss battles in the series. Link must face and defeat his own shadow, which is all that stands between him and the...
NES Remix director says SNES/Game Boy/GBA Remix is possible with enough demand
By on April 24th, 2014 7
NES Remix and NES Remix 2 have done a pretty decent job of covering the major games from the Nintendo Entertainment System and condensing them into WarioWare-style mini-games....